Word From The Captain

Welcome to Trinity Hall Boat Club! As a new year at Cambridge approaches, there are many things which may seem changed, and there are adjustments to our learning and way of life which have been made as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In spite of this, there is still so much to remain hopeful and excited for. As rowers, coxes, and members of THBC, we are resilient and adaptable, whether that is evident in reacting to an unbalanced boat or powering through the darker and colder Lent mornings.

This club has felt like home to me from the beginning, and I am so excited to welcome new and familiar faces alike into our community. It is one with a rich and decorated history, and each year we continue to build upon that legacy and forge our path of success. This past year has indeed formed part of that path, with the success of the M1 IV+ coming 2nd in the University IVs last Michaelmas, and the brilliance of W1 as it welcomed two novices into its crew after only a term of rowing. Our novices showed incredible spirit powering through many a red flag and cold morning, and I was so proud to cycle beside the first W3 to get onto Lent Bumps in as far back as I can find in our history. Lents saw further success and that ever-apparent resilience of our members was demonstrated as we readily met with the inevitable highs and lows which make Bumps such a unique experience. Whilst we may not be able to compete in as many races as is typical of a year on the Cam, I have no doubt that we will carry the baton and continue the upward trajectory of THBC.

The virtual training and community which we have been able to build throughout lockdown is a testament to everything which this club is and represents outside of sitting in a queue at the lock. It is those experiences which shape us, and shape the friendships and networks of support which we will take with us beyond graduation (as well as memories of a deafening start canon at Station 7).

We would not have the opportunity to take to the river every year if not for the endless support and hard work of so many people. This undoubtedly includes our coaches, whether current students, or alumni like Stephan and Bex who were so fantastic this past year, and who show that you are a Black and White long after you hang up your gown. The constant support, knowledge and experience of our head coach Paul, and the generous support of our alumni are also inexplicably huge parts of shaping the future of this club.

Whatever this year may bring or look like, I believe we will face it head-on as the strong, determined and focused club and community which we continue to show that we are.

From myself, Jed and on behalf of this year's committee: Row Hall!

Charlotte To - THBC Captain 2020/21