Race Results

Novice Men's Second VIII

NM2 beat Wolfson II

NM2 came up to their first race against a crew with chickens on their heads and with a coach who was by anyone's standards slightly too excited got off to a hectic start, after pulling off the start to half a length, NM2 held it there with only their (lack of) timing from preventing a further increase, with 50m to go the crew decided to spare Wolfson further misery and end the race quickly, getting their technique together NM2 pulled off Wolfson to win by a length

Novice Women's First VIII

Disqualified in second round

With two very inexperienced subs and a jump-in cox, we did well to get down to marshalling with a relatively set and together boat. Off the start, we were quite evenly matched with Kings A, then for some unknown reason several people decided to counter row, perfectly out of time with stroke (although I guess that means in time with each other?!) As Kings pull away, the timing comes back together so suddenly we power back to them, drawing level. Unfortunately due to a number of reasons, we end up in the middle of the river and blade clash with Kings who are avoiding the shallow water and the umpire halts the race just in front of the bridge.

Restarting a canvas down and on outside of the bend, Trinity Hall women got up and racing really well – catches in time, squaring early and easily beat Kings by a quarter of a length in the last 200m. Only later when we’ve pulled in does a marshal come over and say we’ve been disqualified because of the blade clash and that the umpire shouldn’t have restarted the race!

So all in all, an improvement from Emma Sprints with crabs-galore and a frustrating result which again doesn’t reflect our rowing ability as one of the best and fastest novice crews on the Cam. Well done girls, especially Alexis and Fiona, and bring on Fairbairns where there will be no one to get in our way!!

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