Race Results

Ladies 1st VIII

Day 1 - Rowed Over

Ladies 1st VIII

Day 4 - bumped LMBC W1

Ladies 1st VIII

Day 3 - Rowed Over

Day 2 - Bumped by First and Third

Ladies 2nd VIII

Day 1 - Rowed Over twice as sandwich boat

W2 - Head of Division 3 rowed over holding off Corpus, Wolfson and a psychotic Caius which challenged our crew until the very end. But the history books will show, Trinity Hall W2 held Head in Day One of the Mays - 2012.

W2 - Foot of Division 2 (and Sandwich Boat) rowed over keeping a respectable challenge to Downing II through Ditton Corner when Downing caught Hughes Hall.

Tomorrow we do it all again. It's a beautiful sight watching this W2 crew row.
Well Done W2!! Row Hall

Day 3 - Bumped by Caius II

Day 2 - Bumped by Wolfson

Ladies 3rd VII

Day 2 - Bumped by Lady Margaret III

In an astonishing display of penance, and on Day 2 of the May Bumps, the Umpires came to Station 15 and formally apologized to Trinity Hall W3 for the officials' complete botching of their previous day's decision which forced W3 to re-row with a broken rigger.

One will recall that W3 was about to bump Clare III yesterday when the race was suddenly stopped for no apparent reason. Robinson, on the other hand, did not stop and drove its bow into our stroke's rigger knocking the pin towards Glasgow. Rather than awarding a technical bump or a complete re-row, the Umpires of the day told Trinity Hall it either re-rowed again immediately (with a broken rigger) or had to come back in the evening against only Edward Murray behind. (In other words, it excluded Clare III from the evening mix thereby essentially eliminating our W3's chances for a bump.) We had no choice but to re-row with a broken rigger and got bumped by a much inferior Edward Murray crew.

We protested of course. And today the Umpires admitted they had gotten it wrong.

But while they were admitting yesterday's irregularities they failed to notice that the Murray Edwards boat (now ahead) was comprised of a different crew entirely - suddenly much larger and more experienced than its crew of yesterday. Indeed, yesterday Trinity Hall had pulled a seat away with every stroke. Today Murray Edwards was off like a shot pulling two seats on our beloved W3 with every stroke. Astonished - and still seething over the Pyrrhic Victory over the Umpires - our crew failed to notice a cheeky Lady Margaret crew pulling up from behind.

Let's see if tomorrow we can finally have a proper race on an even playing field which should give our ladies the due they deserve.

Well Done W3!! Row Hall!!

Day 3 - Rowed Over

The gutsy little Trinity Hall W3 boat collectively personified the "Little Engine That Could" yesterday as it chugged up the Cam against a fierce headwind with magnificent determination of strength, character and bonding. Crews ahead bumped out immediately and the ladies poured it on keeping Murray Edwards at bay for a glorious rowover. If one listened carefully one could hear "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...." emanating from the crew until - in a sprig of athletic revelation - and right at Ditton corner - with the wind a'whippin - one could suddenly hear "I know I can, I know I can, I know I can."
Chills ran down the collective spine of those on the towpath.

And in a moment of romantic poetry - as the crew crossed the finish line to paddle back home - a soft but confident "I knew I could, I knew I could, I knew I could...." resonated against the breeze.

Well Done W3!! Row Hall!!

Day 1 - Bumped by Murray Edwards after crash and restart

"Aaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" That is the only way to describe this morning's W3 debacle.

Off with a lovely start, Tit Hall W3 had pulled within a half length of Clare when all of a sudden the entire race stopped. Full stop, now.
The crews all held water - except Robinson - which decided to keep rowing at full pressure until it hit our poor beloved W3 narrowly missing cox' head and stroke Hatty's right arm. The "French Connection" boat, however, wasn't so lucky. The force of the bow ball's impact severely bent stroke's rigger leaving a pitch sufficient to perhaps allow the Donald Duck IV crew to maybe row a straight line someday when the wind is just right.

Apoplectic, Coaches Jeff and Martin appealed to the Chief Umpire who could only say "Robinson will be heavily fined but otherwise "Them's the Bumps.""
So poor W3, its stroke rigger higgledy-piggledy, re-started, again pulled on Clare until the rigger collapsed causing poor Stroke to crab and Edward Murray to bump the good guys.
But there is a tomorrow.....when "Them's the Bumps" becomes for Murray Edwards: "Wish it were yesterday."

Well Done W3. Row Hall!!

Men's 1st VIII

Day 1 - Bumped by Emmanuel

Coming in to the May Bumps, we knew that we were going to have a tough time. The term has been a rocky one for the men's top boat, and although we had some promising outings leading up to the Bumps, we knew that we were expected to go down.

What a row we had though.

When the cannon went we had a fantastic start, building into the longest and most connected rhythm we had achieved to date. Emmanuel started slipping away behind us and we started bouncing in the rough water from Clare. We could see Christ's closing on Emma, and suddenly a row over seemed possible, and even a bump not infeasible. This lasted through to first post corner, where everything went wrong. None of us can put our finger on what exactly happened, but the rowing shortened up and suddenly our hard earned water ahead of Emma was eaten up. Coming into Grassy Emma had overlap out of no-where, and still we held on watching Christ's eagerly as they chased Emma. Christ's never finished their bump however, and as we started into Ditton corner Emma made the bump.

Overall we had mixed emotions - the start and initial rhythm was much more competitive than we had anticipated, and yet we were unable to sustain it. If we can repeat that rowing tomorrow and keep our heads up, anything could happen..

Day 2 - Bumped by Christ's

An interesting start to the race put us at an immediate disadvantage today. As the cannon went we had half a length of chain and were moving backwards, not ideal for a quick start! Christ's were on us immediately, and we were guilty of spinning our wheels a little and missing connection.

Despite this, we put lots of guts in and took Emma's 2 lengths back into inside a length. Christ's promptly rowed into us just before first post corner, they didn't hang around today - would have been nice if they could got on with it yesterday and bumped Emma in the same way!

Day 3 - Bumped by King's

Today was where we could make or break our bumps - we'd come close on Day 1 to having good fortune, and we knew that if we could hold off King's today then tomorrow we could chase a slow Magdelene crew, whilst King's would take the wrath of a fast Girton crew. After waiting around at the start for ages (re-row followed by an emergency holt on the start) the start cannon finally went. We had a good start, well connected unlike the day before, and set into a solid rhythm. We perhaps pushed off King's a little, and held them at this distance under the motorway bridge and out to first post corner. The rough water took it's toll here, catching us once or twice as we battled around Grassy, and King's made up some distance on us. As the hooters called coming out of Grassy we put in three huge pushes effectively keeping King's off our stern, but as we went past the plough they finished us.
Overall disappointing that we couldn't reverse our fortune in the bumps, but we felt that we rowed hard and gave it our all.

Men's 2nd VIII

Day 2 - Rowed Over

After yesterdays row over, we decided we really didn't want to row over again. We were chasing Robinson II, who were bumped by FAT III yesterday, so we had high hopes. Our start was executed a bit more smoothly than yesterday which was pleasing. But we never settled into a good rythm, suffering from timing issues. At points we gained within a length or so, but by and large held station with them. Magadelene II, chasing us, were again about half a dozen lengths behind us. Another anticlimatic row over resulted. Hope springs enternal: if we can get our basics down pat, we should have greenery tomozza.

Men's 2nd VIII

Day 3 - Rowed Over

The race was essentially a replica of yesterday. We lacked aggression, and robinson II pushed off us by the time we hit the gut. We never really put any consistent pressure down once we were out of the start. We really need to push hard on Saturday as we're now being chased by a fast Girton crew.

Men's 2nd VIII

Day 1 - Rowed Over

M2 lined up in the middle of division 3 chasing a fast FAT III and being chased by Magdalene II. With a (very recently) revamped start we were keen to show FAT III a thing or two (rumours abound, it was full of ex FAT I rowers), and if they were to bump out, we wanted to put pressure on LMBC for an overbump.

Our warm up was nothing short of very solid. Paddle down to marshelling, less so, but still not bad. Being pushed off with 30 seconds till the cannon, the event and nerves got to us: not squaring up and burying our blades leading to an awful draw. The next 10 strokes were pretty bloody rubbish in this authors opinion. Magadalene II quickly gained half a length on us, FAT III nowhere to be seen. But to our credit we composed ourselves and by the time we strode hit a half-decent rythm. We pushed off Magadelene pretty easily and set our sights on FAT III. But the water was choppy and the boat was never really set, so it was hard to gain much room. FAT III bumped out, and we had 4-5 lengths to gain on LMBC. What resulted was a pretty long and hard row over. Parts of it had some good rowing, and for the most of it a good rythm. Magadelene II also rowed over, but 6-7 lengths behind us.

Looking forward to tomorrow, when we can hopefully execute our awesome start well, and execute a quick clinic bump.

(Picture is from David Ponting, whose awesome albums are available via facebook)

Men's 3rd VIII

Day 1 - Rowed Over

Day 2 - Bumped St Catherine's

While yesterday’s race was like a first date with an Essex girl (it went all the way), today’s was reminiscent of teenage fumblings. It was all over in seconds. Under the motorway bridge. But in a good way. Things got off to a nervy start. Our regular number six was back in his usual seat. Unfortunately his shoes weren’t. We’d clearly had some mythical Himalayan beast in the boat the day before because those shoes were HUGE. So only after the sort of frantic screwing and unscrewing that’s normally reserved for the pits of a Formula One race were we able to paddle off down the river for our date with destiny. We were chasing St Catherine’s III. Apparently there was some ancient beef with their cox. Not any more. After a blistering start, we visited upon their boat the sort of assault that usually results in a five-year stretch. This wasn’t a bump. It was battery with intent to maim. Once we’d disengaged our boat from their boat and arranged the foliage about our persons, we set off on the long journey home. Like a band of particularly satisfied Hobbits who’ve just declared Mission Accomplished and are keen to be back in time for second breakfast.

Day 3 - Bumped by St. Catharine's

After yesterday, was M3 guilty of that most serious of the seven deadly sins – pride? Certainly the Fates punished us today. Chasing an eminently bumpable Jesus III boat, we got off to a distinctly average start. But it very soon got much worse as our stroke did his thankfully-not-very-often-seen impression of former Conservative Party Chairman Chris Patten at the 1992 general election, and lost his seat. Patten went on to become Chancellor of Oxford University. This means I’m going to stretch out this already overworked metaphor far beyond its breaking point. Just like Oxford in this year’s Boat Race, M3 battled on valiantly with seven men. But with a broken seat, Catz III were always going to reel us in and exact retribution for our nearly putting their cox in Addenbrookes the previous day. So, back down a place for not paying proper obeisance to the rowing gods and causing them to punish us with a broken seat. A huge shame as it meant that on the final day we would have a very strong Christs III boat chasing us for their blades rather than a Jesus III boat that would and should have been up for spoons.

Day 4 - Bumped by Christs

After yesterday’s start at least one of us prepared for today’s race by writing out ‘I must square up early and bury my blade’ 100 times. It didn’t make much difference. The start was delayed by some crusties protesting about the price of soap or some such. That gave us plenty of time to size up the Christs III boat behind us. And size is the word. This lot were massive. They looked like the Springbok pack. Now, I don’t have any particular insight into the rowing skills of the current crop of South African forwards, and I’ll apologise if I’m maligning anyone, but this Christs team certainly rowed better than one might imagine the South Africans would. The day before, they’d overbumped a fast FAT IV boat and it didn’t take them long to reel us in for their blades. And what of our own rematch with St Catherine’s? Never really a serious competition. Every time we shortened the distance between us and them, they put down more power and re-established the gap. So M3 finished the week down one place. Thanks go to the cast of thousands that subbed in the boat at one stage or another as well as to our 3 (three) coaches, Carson, Nick and Jeff.

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