Race Results

Small Boats Regatta

Alice Archer won the Maiden Sculls
Sophie Machin won the Fairbairn Junior sculls

The Small Boats Regatta is a series of knock-out regattas held at the beginning of the Easter Term. There are a number of separate competitions for single and double sculls and pairs of different abilities.

The races are run in the format of CUCBC Time Races, where in each round the two racing crews start at the same time, 120m apart just downstream of the Motorway Bridge and are timed, chasing one another, to their respective finishes also separated by 120m at the Railway Bridge. The exception to this is the Peter Brandt and Maiden Sculls (the novice competitions) which are raced side-by-side along the Long Reach.

Ladies coxless pair - SBR

Ladies coxless pair - SBR

Round 1 - beat Caius by 18s

Our training programme consisted of getting drunk 2.5 times in the preceding 3 days. There were a couple of tantrums before Alice told Sophie to grow a pair and stop being a wimp.

The race went well enough. The outflow, an air stroke and an outrageous cross wind caused a minor incident with a bank. Caius had gone off first and probably saw our ineptitude.

Luckily we were the stronger crew with better steering so took advantage of their newly acquired lax attitude to gain many lengths on each corner before grinding them down on the long reach.

This time the tears weren't ours.

Ladies coxless pair - SBR

Final - lost against Caius 1

So this is where it became clear we hadn't trained.

Our opponents went off behind us. They had longer strokes and their steering that was nearly as good as ours - they inched up on us the whole way.

At Ditton Holly said they could go for a cheeky overtake. Martin said no. They pulled out anyway. We said no too. A rather pleasing piece down the Long Reach in some rather unpleasant side winds made sure there was no overtaking.

A good row from fully deserving Caius crew.

W1x Machin

W1x Machin

Fairbairn Junior Sculls - won final against Caius

The conditions were horrendous. I managed to get through many sets of clothing before I even marshalled. Cross winds and rain that seemed to come up not down.

The start marshalling area was deadly serious. The finals for the Foster-Fairbairn pairs and the Delafield sculls were about to go off. There was no 'Hope you don't crash!' Real rowers do not crash.

The start was slightly farcical. I was on the upstream station and the starter was on the downstream station. He whispered 'Go' into her ear while I waited patiently. When he turned round and realised I was still on the start line he fumbled with his megaphone and said 'You can go now.'

So off I went, battling the elements. First post reach was a tadge leisurely. Some longer strokes coming round grassy really started to open up the lead. A cheeky up two out of Ditton to power into the finish. My opponent was nowhere to be seen so I can't tell you if there were tears or not.

I now have a shiny University medal in my possession.

WN1x Weaver

WN1x Weaver

WNov 1x Archer

WNov 1x Archer

Maiden Sculls - Round 1 Archer vs Weaver

WNov 1x Archer

Maiden Sculls - Semi-final Archer vs Wojtowicz

Maiden Sculls - won final against Christs

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