Race Results

A 4300m head race from Jesus boathouse to the Little Bridge.

Men's 1st VIII

Men's 1st VIII

Men's 1st VIII - 21st Overall

Our start to this race was excellent and we strode to a solid rating of 34 through the first half of the course, and we were making progress in catching the Catz crew in front of us. It just got a bit scrappy coming through the Green Dragon bridge and just never really picked back up at the front end. However, we did what we intended to do, which was row over at an average of around 32.

While the result and time (15:23) was disappointing, this was definitely the best row we had all term as a crew and was a demonstration of how far we had come in the last few training sessions we had before the race. Who knows what we could have achieved if we had one more week's worth of training. If anything, this gives us the motivation to keep up the effort all through the holidays in maintaining our fitness levels and really putting the pressure on the crews around us as we head towards Lents. Bring on Bumps!

Men's 2nd VIII

9th in Division

The crew started well past the boathouses, gaining considerably on the crew in front by the time they were passing the gasworks. However, perhaps fearing the length of the race, the crew faded slightly and only managed to hold station on the boat in front.

Coming down the Reach the crew picked up the pace again and the boat lifted. After going through the corners there was a final push down first-post reach in which the crew gave everything they had left, crossing the line exhausted.

M2 finished in a time of 16:40.8. If everyone trains hard there is potential in the boat for the boat to perform well next term: well done and good luck!

Women's 1st VIII

21st in Senior VIIIs (13th in division)

After a term of squad rowing it was nice to be able to finally row as an VIII - although on the day we were plagued once again by illness. We lacked crew cohesion and fitness but decided we might as well give it a shot. The first half of the race went well - we had plenty of run and the boat was really shifting. It was obvious however from the reach onwards that we were unprepared. We lost power and this seeped through the crew until we limped ove the line.

It was a disappointing result but not surprising - the whole of the women's squad has been strengthened by integrating the seniors and novices.

So it seems the recipe for Lents is a simple one: promote the strongest novices to the first boat to introduce a little healthy competition. Then we can go and make Jesus suffer, because frankly, that's what we're here to do.

I can't wait.

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