Race Results

Side-by-side novice races over 800m from Ditton corner to Morley's Holt (bottom finish)

Novice Men's 2nd VIII

Round 1 - Beat Queens' NM4

NM2 once again proved that they have a strong start and great commitment, pulling out an early lead. This was lengthened during the first power ten. The crew held on to that lead for the rest of the race crossing the finish line ahead of Queens.

Verdict: 2 lengths

Round 2 - Beaten by Clare NM2

Having raced this crew already in Emma Sprints, NM2 knew that this would be a very close race. Once again a good start and a committed push saw the crew pull out a lead, this time of about half a length. Unlike last week Clare kept it together, which allowed them to draw level. NM2 got slightly flustered by this, and their timing slipped, letting Clare edge ahead.

The determination of this crew should not be doubted. Being in such a close race was a new experience for them, and I am sure it will help as they go into Fairbairns. They should go into that race in the knowledge that a high placing is well within their reach. Good luck!

Verdict: 1 length

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