Race Results

The novices' first water race: a 500m sprint down the Long Reach

Novice Men's 1st VIII

Race 1

We had a good start against Sidney Sussex, though one of our rowers caught a crab.
It looked for a while that we had a chance, as we managed a good distance keeping level, despite the crab.

Unfortunately though, while it had a recoverable effect on our speed, it had a slightly less recoverable effect on our steering, and caused us to plough into the bank.

The crew rallied and made an impressively swift restart, but it was not enough

Race 2

We raced against Queens, and from a level start, pulled away leaving a massive gap.

Again we suffered a crab, but, it couldn't stop us as we easily won by a good length.

Novice Men's 2nd VIII

Round 1 - Beat Jesus NM3

In their first race of term, NM2 showed great composure. Their start was good under pressure and no mistakes were made. Halfway down the Reach they were informed by the bank party that Jesus had crashed into the bank and were still at the start! NM2 crossed the line doing pause drills (and sitting the boat perfectly).

Verdict: Easily

Quater-Final - Beat Emmanuel NM3

The second race was expected to be a little more challenging: and indeed it was. The crew made things a little harder than they needed to be, with their timing erring slightly, but they got things back together and showed an ability a win even when rowing below their best.

Verdict: 2 lengths

Semi-Final - Beat Clare Hall NM2

Having re-focused the rowers were back on top form. They shrugged off a close brush with the opposition, soon pushing far enough ahead that minor variations in racing line ceased to matter. NM2 just had to keep their lead to the finish, which they did.

Verdict: 2 lengths

Novice Men's 2nd VIII

Final - Beat Clare NM2

This race was, as suits a final, the closest-run thing of the day. The crews were level over the first 250m of the Reach, a new experience for both crews who had previously pulled out an early lead. Here the composure of NM2 came to the fore: whilst Clare fell apart Trinity Hall pushed on to the finish. A great row and a well-deserved win!

Verdict: 1 length

Thanks to Max Bruner for subbing.

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