Race Results

A 2.5k head race (timed race) from the motorway bridge to the Penny Ferry.

Men's 1st VIII

Men's 1st VIII - 11th out of 27 in Senior Student category

The crew got off to a fantastic start, settling into a strong, aggressive rhythm, and over the first kilometre of the race had closed the gap on the Selwyn crew in front of us to just a couple of lengths. But gradually, the sharpness from the first half of the race slipped and despite a big push for the finish, it wasn't enough to compete with the top crews.

One promising thing to take forward is the crew's 1km time (3:11), which was better than crews that finished ahead of us. So with small changes between now and Fairbairns, we should be able to keep up our speed for longer, and challenge the top places.

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