Race Results

The novices' first competition of term: an 8x500m erg relay race. Results here.

Novice Men's 1st VIII

25th in Division 1

Spurred on by Trinity erging alongside us, everyone pushed themselves to their best, resulting in my crew all beating their personal bests, and getting an average time of 1:38.8 (and beating Trinity).

A special mention should go to Max Bruner, who erged twice, getting two amazing splits of 1:33.5 and 1:36.4.

Novice Men's 2nd VIII

7th in Division 2

A great effort from all the rowers. Everyone showed huge commitment , with most unable to walk away from the erg at the end of their row and the crew achieving an average split of 1:39.6. Such dedication at this stage is a good sign going forward into the water races later this term. Well done!

Queens' Ergs NW 1

4th in W1 Division

Queen's College Porters had been ordered by the Master Tuesday morning to instruct all athletes within the college to attend the Queen's ergs. A sporting man himself, he wanted his competitors to witness a truly unique combination of strength and grace; of power and wisdom; of brawn and beauty; of focus and elegance; of determination and flow; of will and joy; of sheer athletic drive and commitment. In short, he wanted them to see the Women of Trinity Hall race.

And so it was that out of 38 crews battling for #1 - Trinity Hall first beat a 12 crew field in the 2nd heat of the day to move on to the finals in which the best 13 crews competed.

The strategy was a simple one: Terrifying Toni would go off at a 41, capture a slight lead and then pass of to Mighty Mimi who would increase the lead for the next six to hold. This strategy had worked perfectly during the Heat as Trinity Hall finished its race on top with an average split of 1:55.4.

But, after 1000 meters of a 4000 meter race - Trinity hall found themselves in 3rd place - the first 7 boats' splits all within 2 seconds of each other. It became a race of 7. The Engine Room of Hallowed Hattie, Magnificent Marta, Crushing Claire and Aerodynamic Alisha erged masterfully but so did the crews of Caius, Downing, Anglia Ruskin, Catz, Sidney and Christ's. Thus, after 3000 meters, Trinity Hall found itself in 7th place. Just in time for anchors Shooter Charlotte and Iron Eve. All of a sudden sparks emanated from the TH erg as Shooter Charlotte began her quest to catch and pass the field ahead. Fire extinguishers were brought in. With every pull of the chain the little white boat on the screen inched forward - and with 250 meters to go, Shooter had reached and left in the dust both Christ's and Sidney Sussex - her mission accomplished.

Now with but 500 meters to go in the race, Trinity Hall sat 5th, nearly a full second behind 4th place AR. Enter Iron Eve. Smoke joined with sparks as Eve simply powered through the lot. Little by little the tiny white boat pulled closer to its rival and, with 100 meters to go, sat ever so slightly behind that of Anglia Ruskin's. (Note: at this point the summoned Queen's athletes could be seen, jaws-dropped, taking notes and video taping as best they could the spectacle.) In a fit of a 49 rating, and with 50 meters to go, Iron Eve anchored the Trinity Hall W1 crew to a mesmerizing 4th place finish catching and surpassing AR just at the line - in a very exciting race.

Results? Fastest time (splits) of the evening: Catz 1:50.3; 2nd place: Caius 1:50.8; Downing 1:53.9; Trinity Hall 1:54.1. Had we had 50 more meters, we would have secured the Bronze. Why? Because Iron Eve had just pulled a 1:45.1 - her personal best. Shooter Charlotte had pulled a 1:49.9 - also her personal best. (By the way, it is evident to this reporter that the first three crews had "stacked" their crews for the finals. In other words, they had taken their fastest W2, W3, W4 &/or W5 racers and, if their respective splits were better than any in their W1's previous race, then made relevant replacements. This is the only plausible explanation for certain crew's times in the Finals being so much better than their times in the Heats.)

Incidentally, our own Iron Eve finished 8th overall in the individual scoring. And, of the 576 total women participants in the competition, Trinity Hall accounted for 10% of the top 100. And mind you, some colleges had five crews in the competition. Impressive!

When offered a glass of champagne, spokeswoman Terrifying Toni declined simply stating, "Sorry, we all gotta go. Michael comes first."

Gotta love it.

Well Done W1!

Queens' Ergs NW 2

Won W2 Division

The hundreds at Queen's Tuesday night gave way and made room as the hot group from Trinity Hall strode in to the Fitzpatrick, victory written all over their faces. Steam rising from their heads, it was clear that the race was over before it began. In fact, no sooner had the start been called when the little white TH boat on the electronic blue screen danced ahead of the field as though it had been supplied with rocket fuel. One by one the crew of Effervescent Ellie, Adamant Alissa, GaleWind Eowyn, Barking Becky, Belligerent Beatrice, Shoving Xue, Hurry Hattie and Miss Gnomer glided onto the awaiting erg seat only to wind the flywheel in such a fashion that the sound resembled a 747 on takeoff.

Terrified adjacent crews moved their ergs away from the Crescents lest they be caught up in the emanating jet stream. Even the assigned umpire asked to switch crews.

Trinity Hall led the entire race by open blue screen. Incidentally, had this crew been entered into the W1 Division it, too, like its sister crew, would have made it to the finals.

Instead, it had to settle for the First Place Championship of the 2011 Queen's Ergs W2 Division - the only crew of the division to better the coveted 2:00 split average - Trinity Hall finishing with a combined average split of: 1:58.5.

Asked if the crew would be retiring to the bar for post race refreshments and celebration, Barking Becky Beale snapped back, "I beg your pardon...Certainly not! We are off to the boathouse to do Michael Jackson ergs."

Gotta love this first-rate spirit and continuing will to win.

Well Done W2!

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