Race Results

A two day, side-by-side regatta in the Nene in St Neots. 1k on the first day, 500m on the second.

The Hall put in some excellent performances despite only bringing home only three pots.

You can see some more photos from the event here

Big Phil

Big Phil

Saturday: Novice Ix Quarter finals - Beat Peterborough

My first sculling race in many moons, with no more than a couple of outings under my belt, it's fair to say that I felt a little nervous as I rowed to the start line for this race. Thankfully my start went well, and I pulled in front of my opposition quickly. I managed to hold my advantage around the outside of the big corner (for which there was no stagger on the start or finish?) and get to the finish line without crashing, capsizing or having a heart attack. Success!

Saturday: Novice Ix Semi-finals - Beat Leeds

A younger opposition in a fancy scull, I suspected that this race may be tougher. Again on the outside of the corner, I managed to pull away to around a length ahead off the start, and hold my advantage around the corner. Shortly afterwards my opposition had a fight with the bank, and instead of pulling away I decided to have a fight with a buoy. Blade back in hand, we continued and I managed to keep fighting to the finish line (no smiling for photos this time!), securing a win by around 2 lengths.

Saturday: Novice Ix Final - Lost to Isle of Ely

Having eyed up my opposition for the final in previous races, I knew I was in for a tough row. The 'GBR' written on the side of his scull didn't help either. A poor first stroke wasn't the start I'd hoped for, but I recovered and pulled away well, holding my opposition at around half a length down to the first corner. Thankfully he took a terrible line around the outside, incurring several warnings from the umpire. I nipped around the inside, and held his lead at half a length as a result. However, once on the straight it was all over and he pulled away for a comfortable win. On chatting to him afterwards, it turned out that he's currently trialling for the GB squad, so I don't feel too bad about losing! A good race.

Sunday: Novice Ix Semi-Final - Beat Leeds

My first round race was cancelled as my opposition had won Division A of Novice Sculls the day before (phew, close one!). As a result, I seemed to spend most of the day waiting for my first race. The time finally came, and I boated feeling fairly confident - I had beaten by opposition the day before, and hoped that over 500m my lack of fitness wouldn't be so apparent. Sure enough I had a cracking start and quickly opened up a comfortable lead. Several mental rhythm calls later I secured the win I needed, with a verdict of three lengths.

Sunday: Novice Ix Final - Lost to Peterborough

I got off the water from the semi-final with just enough time to check the draw and realise that I had to boat again immediately for the final. To make matters worse, the girls were racing in their final at the same time, and needed the blades that I'd been using up to this point. I grabbed the pair that I'd brought in case this had happened and jumped back in the boat. Unfortunately these new blades were set up quite differently, and I had a wobbly 500m of rowing up to the start as I tried to get to grips with them. Before I knew it I was off to a frantic start and soon down by half a length. I never really lengthened or settled into a rhythm, and as a result didn't claw back the advantage, coming over the finish line a couple of lengths behind my opposition. A shame to finish the weekend on a poor row, though I'm not sure that I'd have won even with the right blades.

Men's Summer IV+

Saturday: IM3 Men's IV Quarter Final - Won vs. Lea RC

Coming into this race, we knew we had a decent start and a good first 500m, so the plan was the get the race won early and respond later if needed. We pushed then from the first stroke and we were a length up coming into the corner. Being on the inside lane helped here and gave us clear water as we pushed down the final straight, and we won in the end with a comfortable gap.

Verdict: 2 and a half lengths

Saturday: IM3 Men's IV Semi Final - Lost vs. Norwich RC

Norwich looked like they could be more of a challenge than our first round opposition. This time, however, we were on the outside lane and we knew that we again had to push it from the start. Our start was much better and we had clear water going into the corner. However, the corner disadvantage cut that right back down to a length and our lack of practice in a sprint finish showed as they edged us out in the last 300m. With a bit more practice and a fairer course, this was certainly a race we could have won.

Norwich went on to win the final, again in a close race when they had the inside of the corner.

Verdict: 3/4 length

Sunday: IM3 Men's IV Quarter Final - Won vs. Leeds/Tees Composite

Being the second race of the day, our opposition were unsurprisingly audibly unenthusiastic about the upcoming race at the line. We certainly wanted to make them think that even more during the race. We were also looking to make amends for yesterday, this time on a course that was fair, and on a distance that we were probably stronger at as a crew. Our start this time was not as together as yesterday, but our power showed in the wind strokes and we quickly pushed out a gap as we went into the stride, and we were able to just ease it to the finish with some long powerful strokes.

Verdict: 2 lengths

Sunday: IM3 Men's IV Semi Final - Won vs. Weybridge RC

Weybridge looked like a decent crew from their first round race and looked to also have a sizeable support party, so again, it was not going to be easy. Our start was better this time, and again we pushed off them during the winds and going into the stride. They put up much more of a fight towards the end than the Leeds composite and but we kept our rating higher in this race and still won comfortably in the end.

Verdict: 1 and a half lengths

Sunday: IM3 Men's IV Final - Lost vs. York City RC

We saw this crew yesterday and they looked like a strong heavyweight four, especially if they have made the journey all the way from York. Off the start, this was the first race where we did not open up an advantage - their start was tidier and they were maybe slightly ahead as we went into the stride. They kept edging further ahead and Rob had to call an up two as we went into the finish. Our speed shot right up as we threw everything at them and pushed them to the line, but they held on. This was by far our best row and we were gutted not to have won it at the end, and I left St. Neots as the sole THBC member there with 0 BR points (sad times).

Verdict: Canvas

Women's Double Scull/Pair

Sunday: WNov 2x Quarter Final - Beat Barnes Bridge Ladies

Sunday: WNov 2x Semi-Final - Beat Champs of the Thames

Sunday: WNov 2x Final - Lost to Boston

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