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A timed race over the 2,112m of the Henley course to determine which crews are fast enough to race in the Temple Challenge Cup in Henley proper

Men's 1st VIII

15th fastest non-qualifier out of 32

The row down to the start was our best of the year and so we sat confident under starters orders.

When the signal to "go" came we didn't use our bumps start of old but instead went off much more conservatively at a 39 - the aim being to get into a solid rythmn of 36 as quickly as possible!

And my what a rythmn! Over the whole stretch of the course we averaged a 35 and on everystroke you could feel the boat surge under your feet as everyone applied the power. I can honestly say that over the last 400m I have not ever felt such pain! The boat felt so smooth and controlled everyone was able to work as hard as possible.

After getting out of the boat we all felt exhausted but at the same time very pleased with ourselves because we had rowed our best race of the term and it didn't matter what the times were- thats something we could be proud of!

When the tannoy announcement came and we weren't on it- we weren't too surprised- the standard was very high this year. But investigation of the times was brilliant! We'd managed to come joint 15th with Radley who beat us by 1 and 1/2 lengths at Bedford and beat First and Third who sat much higher up the bumps table than us!

All in all an amazing row to cap off the term which despite having many ups and downs has been thoroughly enjoyable! I just wish we had another month or so in this crew!

Watch video from 5:05 onwards!

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