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Crews without a permanent place on the river are required to qualify in order to race in Bumps.

Ladies 3rd VIII

Qualified for Bumps!

A more spirited crew had not graced the Black & Whites in more than a decade as the Trinity Hall W3 boat Got On yesterday in front of the largest Crescents bank party since the reign of Victoria.

Yes, the ladies, knuckles white with fear but the calming gummi bears within reach, chug-a-lugged down the course in epic fashion - pausing only twice whilst crabs were harvested from the Cam. "Bullfighter" (Becky B) showed unusual strength at bow her puddles creating a typhoon effect on the crews following; "No-Sleep-Sarah" (2 seat), kept her promise of not crabbing until three strokes before the finish; "TAQNOC Dahling" (Issy - 3 seat) showed remarkable skill in crabbing and recovering in record time whilst continuing to smile and without disrupting the flow of the boat; "Weak Legs" (Becky G - 4 seat) belied her nickname and pushed hard throughout the course not once needing the oxygen tank strapped to her stretcher; "Shall We Dahnse" Hettie (5 seat) continued her streak of unmitigated mirth as she laughed and smiled to the crowds during the entire race; "Sacre' Bleu" Manon set a record by rowing exquisitely notwithstanding having adopted body positioning reminiscent of the great Irina Vashchenko; "Steady-As-She-Goes" (Laura - 7 seat) was the only crew member wearing a microphone which captured her repeating phrase of "gotta revise...gotta revise...gotta revise" to a perfect 28 rating(!); and, finally, "Atlas" (Caroline - stroke) simply put the weight of the crew on her shoulders and pushed the whole lot from start to finish in first rate form.

Substitute Cox Sophie - dressed for Siberia - steered a perfect winning line whilst cox Coco (away in London at the Shapy School of Navigation) had pre-delivered a wonderfully precious note of 'Good Luck' which note was taped to the cox box so her presence could be felt throughout the race.

Well Done W3! On to the Bumps!

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