Race Results

A 1200m course on the River Great Ouse from County Bridge to the Suspension Bridge

Ladies 1st VIII

Ladies 1st VIII

Beat Christ Church (Oxford) by 2 1/2 lengths

After a good week of training with a new stroke and crew order since the previous weekend's racing, we approached Bedford Regatta looking to have some fun (hopefully with sunshine added) and test ourselves against some other decent crews. In the first round of the Women's IM3 division, we drew Christ Church, who were a bit of an unknown quantity (other than that they were from Oxford and hence must be beaten), so we decided we would just go all out from the start and see what happened. Our start was pretty scrappy, but it didn't matter much as we pushed through them solidly on the first corner. Once we got clear water, we sat ahead comfortably, rowing over around rate 30 and saving our legs for some tougher challenges later in the day. Well done on beating (Christ Church) Oxford, ladies!

Ladies 1st VIII

Beat Christ's W2 by 3 lengths

In the second round, we came up against Christ's W2 crew. Our start was much better than in our first race, and we pulled away from Christ's easily. However, once we were several lengths ahead at the halfway point, the discipline in the boat went some and our rowing was not as solid or connected as it could have been. We sat about 3 lengths ahead of Christ's for the rest of the race without them gaining on us or us pulling away further, and there was a rather unfortunate encounter with the buoys near the finish. Thankfully though, our less than fantastic row still allowed us a comfortable win, and the race was a good reminder for everyone of the need to keep our concentration and focus in our boat, and row well for the entire race.

Ladies 1st VIII

Lost to Bedford High School/Dame Alice Harper composite in semi-final by 2 lengths

In the semi-finals we came up against a Bedford High School-Dame Alice Harper composite crew, who we were fairly certain would give us a good race based on their similar winning times and margins in the previous rounds. We had a solid start and a strong push coming around the first corner on the enclosure side, where we hoped we might begin to move through them as we had done against Christ Church in the first round. They were tough opponents though, and held us well, sitting at about half a length ahead through the first half of the race. We had another excellent push coming through the bridge, and wound the rate back up to 36/38, but as we came into the last stretch of the race our opponents managed to pull away further. We crossed the finish line two lengths behind.

Despite losing, we were happy with our performance as we felt we had had our best (and definitely fastest) race of the day. The official results put BHS/DAH's winning time at 3:34, which we think was probably a type-o and more likely to be 3:54. However, even with that correction, our race was the fastest of the day in our division. Martin also talked to their coach before the race and told us afterwards that they were apparently a composite crew training for junior nationals, so we were fairly satisfied with putting in a good performance against some pretty dang talented schoolgirls! Well done on a good day's racing, ladies.

Men's 1st VIII

Men's 1st VIII

Lost to Radley School by one and a half lengths

Our first race as a crew after the intense new training we'd been doing with Martin. Unfortunately both David Knowles and Rane Nolan were new into the crew. Rane after having been away in the US and David as a replacement for someone having dropped out.

With none of our previous training having been above rate 28 it wasn't surprising that we struggled over the course at a 36 and were sadly beaten by a well drilled Radley crew.

However there were many positives!

Despite losing out on the start we did manage to hold them over 3/4 of the course before a duff stroke threw off our rythmn. It was also good to see many of the things we'd worked on during training come through - this combined with the fact that we beat Magdalene (who we are chasing in bumps) by a couple of seconds meant things weren't looking so bad!

Men's 2nd VIII

Men's Novice VIII Round 1 - Won vs. St. Edward's School

Men's Novice VIII Round 2 - Lost vs. Kingston Grammar School

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