Race Results

A knockout time trial held near the start of the Michaelmas term

Men's 1st IV

1st Round: Beat LMBC II by 15 secs in 7:52

After a pretty shaky start and very scrappy first half, especially in the gut, we finally settled in to a strong rythym as we went on to the reach. As soon as we'd pulled it together, we stormed up on them very fast and took the finishing hooter 16 seconds in the lead.
First race nerves seemed to let us down today and we didnt row anything like as well as we can, but we got a comfortable win and will perform better agaisnt 1st & 3rd tomorrow.

2nd Round: Lost to 1st & 3rd by 16 secs in 7:36

A much stronger start saw us hit our good rowing much earlier in the race this time. 1st & 3rd, however, had a bit more power than us in the first part of the race and had made up a significant amount of ground by the time we passed the plough. We, however, didn't let our heads drop and maintained our power and rythym to pull away again as we put in a push at the bottom of the reach. Unfortunately our efforts weren't enough and we were beaten.
A much better row today, it's a shame it didn't bring the result we wanted!

Men's 2nd IV

1st Round: Lost to Christ's II Easily

Women's 1st IV

1st Round: Beat 1st & 3rd II Easily in 5:56

Pushed away straight off the start and never looked back. Great row!

2nd Round: Lost to Jesus by 9 secs in 5:53

An even better row than yesterday but unfortunately the Jesus girls were slightly bigger and stronger than us. They took their third of a length advantage down the reach, but we never managed to claw this back on the home straight. It was great rowing all the way through though.

Women's 2nd IV

1st Round: Lost to Christ's II by 14 secs in 6:12

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