Race Results

400m of side by side racing outside the boathouse

Ladies 2nd VIII

Ladies 2nd VIII

Ladies Mays division 3 - round 1


With epic will, stamina, experience, power, determination, technique and strength at its command, the new W2 sat at the stake boat awaiting its chance for certain glory against the Clare Hall I boat.


Off like a shot at the start, W2 was already up after four strokes when Clare Hall had the audacity to rudder in to the stroke side of our favoured females causing a recovering Trinity Hall blade to dash for cover upside down and backwards into the Cam.
Hopelessly sitting dead-in-the-water for what seemed like ages, the crew fought to recover and finally re-shot off at breakneck speed. But in a 400 meter race, there isnʼt a whole lot of river left when one finds oneself in need of catching and passing a lesser - albeit leading - crew. Too bad because the W2 pulled a seat a stroke on Clare Hall the last 100 meters. Race to Clare hall.


Ladies 2nd VIII

Ladies Mays division 3 - plate

Relegated to the Plate bracket after such an ignominious beginning, poor W2 found itself head-to-head with Churchill W1 - simply a stronger crew at this stage of the Mays campaign. Hard fought and well-rowed, W2 was out-gunned by a length.


Nevertheless, the media noted this THW2 as nothing short of a “sleeping giant” which, upon awakening, will be a force - if not THE force - come the Mays.

Ladies 3rd VIII

Ladies 3rd VIII

Ladies Mays lower division - final

Todayʼs Recipe for a Winning Trinity Hall W3 Crew (vs. Lady Margaret in the Final)

• One rower who has been up all night partying, having texted her coach at 3:45am to enquire concerning the start time of the race.
• One rower who hadnʼt been in a boat since last June.
• One rower turned cox turned rower.
• One rower who had never rowed in a boat.
• Two absolute novice rowers; and
• Two experienced rowers demoted (for the day) to W3.

Mix slowly together in an eight, add a last minute borrowed cox, provide cakes as an incentive, provide throw-up bags for those out late the previous evening, tell the novices not to row but to simply sit in their seats and balance the boat.

Row with only six for 400 meters, win the race and collect the Cups.

Serve with a smile and a shaking head.

Do Not Repeat.

Men's 2nd VIII

Men's 2nd VIII

Men's 3rd Division Cup, Semi Final - Lost to Corpus Christi M1

Having not practised starts, being in a race which was essentially the racing start itself was always going to be interesting. I can only imagine that Rob, if he didn't have to control the rudder, would be holding his head in his hands as some missed strokes on the first draw careered us into the middle of the river. Having already lost a length, we decided collectively to make a race of it, and settled to a solid rating of 42. Even though we gained steadily around the boathouses, Corpus held off.

Verdict: half a length

Men's 2nd VIII

Men's 3rd/Lower Division Plate, Semi Final - Beat Corpus Christi M3

Personally, I blame the horrifically long marshalling time for how badly this race went. Having only narrowly lost to their M1, Corpus M3 should have been a walkover. But as we only really started to row about halfway down the course, this was a bit closer than expected. Oh well.

Verdict: 3/4 length

Men's 3rd/Lower Division Plate, Final - Row Over

Our opponents didn't show up, so we had a fun race against Robinson M1. The start was a lot better this time and we were holding station with Robinson for about 200m. Then we dropped off a bit. That and they had vortex blades. Lame.

Verdict: 1 length

Men's 3rd VIII

Men's 3rd VIII

Men's Mays lower division - semi-final

Trinity Hall M3 Cox Arjun “The Man” Vaghela has come of age in his determination to push his crews to new and ever difficult challenges.

So confident was he about his M3 crew decimating Jesus M4 in the semi-final that he, of his own initiative, purposely steered The Aula into the concrete embankment on the Commons side of the Cam immediately after M3ʼs start. Cool as a cucumber, he then simply breathed a prepared statement into the cox box: “Well, well Gents, here is another fine mess youʼve gotten me into. Youʼll simply have to recover and win.”

And so they did.


The lads controlled the cement challenge, rose to the occasion and proceeded to not only close a lengthʼs deficit but win the semi-final race by over a length - all done within 400 meters!

The crew then proceeded to tar and feather The Man.

Men's 3rd VIII

Men's Mays lower division - final

Sporting his new outfit, cox then pulled no further pranks in the Final as the Trinity Hall M3 sans impediments simply destroyed its competition - Corpus M2.

The Division Title and the Cup awarded to Trinity Hall M3.

(Humble Pie awarded to The Man.)

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