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Two legs of racing: 2000m downstream shortly followed by the same distance upstream

Ladies Early Term 1st VIII

Ladies Early Term 1st VIII

6th in Mays/Eights Division 1 in 15:44

Having only come together as a crew the week before, we approached Head to Head knowing our fitness and preparation were not quite where we wanted them yet, but determined to give the competition a good run. As such, Martin decided our race plan should be to go all out on the first leg, and then row the same course back with, well, whatever we had left.

As it happened, we executed this plan perfectly. Off the start under the railway bridge, we wound to 37/38 and lengthened to about 34. The rate dropped a bit as we hit a strong headwind on the reach, though after coming around Ditton we wound it back up to 34 and the rate never dropped again. The commitment and pressure were excellent the whole way through, and we were all completely knackered when we crossed the finish line under the motorway bridge.

For the race back, Martin knew our tired legs and lungs were going to need some additional motivation to keep pushing, so he got Steph to get us up closer to Sidney W1 (who we were chasing) off the start. We had a great first 500m and began to gain on Sidney. However, coming around Grassy, our lack of fitness began to show and they started to pull away (eventually overtaking Churchill on the reach!). The rest of our race was not bad, and the last 20 strokes to the finish again showed great commitment. However, our times reflected that we had, indeed, exhausted ourselves on the first leg -- our first 2k was 7:38 and our second 8:06. The first leg put us tied with Sidney for third behind Downing and Christs (arguably the two strongest womens crews on the river at the moment). If our fitness had been slightly better, we easily could have pulled ahead of Queens, Newnham and the other (all respectable) crews just ahead of us in the composite times.

So, well done girls! Not a bad place to be starting from after only a few outings together, and we are all now confident that if we commit to Martins (fairly intense) training plan for the rest of term we will definitely be in amongst it come Mays.

And because we did not want Steph to miss out on any of the fun, we coached her on a 2k on the ergs when we got back in. She got just over 10 minutes, which would have been fast enough to beat, well, probably someone who crashed?

Also, thanks to Phil for taking loads of photos of the race to help us improve our technique!

Men's 2nd VIII

Men's 2nd VIII

Men's Mays 3rd Division - 4th out of 8 with a time of 14:45

1st Leg - 7:25
2nd Leg - 7:20

Our first race of the term was going to be all about a solid rhythm. That and bombing it down on the first leg. A solid wind followed by a stride down to 31 gave us a pacey start down the reach and we gained on a strong Catz M2 crew ahead of us. We started to lose a bit of the consistency around Ditton, but once the rudder was off, Rob called a push and the boat just lifted, and we flew down Plough Reach. It was unfortunate that a rather prolonged crustacean incident then occurred around the gut. The rowing after the recovery was still strong, but just unfortunately not as good as that piece down the Plough.

Coming back up, we knew we had to push hard to have any chance of winning our division, and that is exactly what we tried. Rob described our rating as "ambitious", which was probably a fair judgement. Tiredness made it ever so slightly rushed, so the rhythm was not nearly as consistent as on the way down, but it was still a strong row from the whole crew.

Overall, it was a shame about the first leg, as it was a really solid race up until the crab, with Rob estimating that we would have been pushing a sub-7 time. However, we still put in a good performance and still comfortably beat many of the boats around us in the division, setting us up nicely for the rest of the term.

Thanks also to James Horscroft for subbing in.

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