Race Results

Small Boats Regatta takes place in 0th week in Easter Term, and is a knockout competition over 2km for all categories apart from the novice sculling events, which are over 500m down the long reach.

Feng Rao

Peter Brandt Sculls Round 1 - Bye

The CUCBC computers saw my name and shuddered.

Peter Brandt Sculls Quarter Final - Won vs. Caius (McCoy)

A blistering start got me a length off Caius within five strokes. However, complacency set in and a few very interesting but very unsat strokes let Caius gain around the bend. Deciding that it was just going to be embarrassing if I lost on the inside lane after such a strong start, I actually started to put some power down and take the rating to something more resembling 30. Realising that it was going to be a close finish, I unintentionally steered slowly into my opponent, causing him to eventually catch some shallow water along the meadow and fall both heartbreakingly short of the finish and very visibly into the river.

Verdict: Canvas

Peter Brandt Sculls Semi Final - Lost vs. Churchill (Hamilton)

After my plan of repeating my blistering start failed to materialise, the race was more or less over. Sad times.

Verdict: 2 Lengths

Feng Rao / Tom Young

Lowe Double Sculls (Men) Round 1 - Lost vs. Jesus

I drenched Tom with a lot of water from the Cam. This added weight probably contributed to our loss by 8s.

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