Race Results

The course runs approximately 800m between the post furthest downstream on the Reach (near Ditton corner) and Morley's Holt, just downstream of the Penny Ferry Pub. A map is available here. In each race two crews row side-by-side.

Mens Novice First VIII (NM1)

Beaten by Downing A

The effort was also there for the Clare Novice Regatta (and I was very impressed by the enthusiasm shown at the very chilly 6.30am start), but sadly we were beaten in the first round.

Womens Novice VIII

Beat Queens NW1; voluntary disqualification

After the experience of Emma Sprints, Clare Novices was a step up; unfortunately, it was also a step-aside due to the presence of a subbing LBC in the crew. As a result the knock-out system of the Regatta, we were allowed to race our first race, against Queens NW1, with the understanding that whatever the outcome, Queens would go through.

This arrangement turned out to be fortunate for the Queens crew; the combination of a terrific row from THBC NW1 and an early close encounter with the bank from Queens led to an easy win for THBC of at least 5 lengths.


Juliet Griffin

Ellen Heddle
Henrietta Kelly
Mallika Leuzinger
Alice Archer
Genna McDermott
Manon Brouillet
Helena Schofield
(Harry Maxwell)

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