Race Results

Sprints is one race where getting involved in the spirit of the competition is far more important
than the end result, and will certainly be more memorable in years to come. Costumes are
expected, bribes are encouraged, and we all hope to make it to end in one piece!

Mens Novice First VIII (NM1)

Mens Novice First VIII (NM1)

Beat Sidney MNB

The time invested in costume making for Emma Sprints was frankly substandard (the guys need to make up for this at Cardinals in Lent Term!) but fortunately the rowing was better: NM1 won their first race!

Beaten by Emmanuel NM1

Sadly beaten by a pretty serious Emma crew in the second heat.

Womens Novice VIII

Beaten by Clare Hall NW1

The second race, with a more conservative line and an equally excellent start as before lead to a half-length lead until a prevailing meadow-side wind lead to a collision. The marshalls called a restart from half-way down the course, and for the third time THBC NW1 pulled a powerful start out of the bag. The race was close all down the course, but they were just beaten by the Clare Hall crew.


Juliet Griffin

Ellen Heddle
Henrietta Kelly
Daisy Haywood
Mallika Leuzinger
Alice Archer
Alex Zolyniak
Genna McDermott
Manon Brouillet

Beaten by Newnham NW1

Having pulled out all the stops at Queens Ergs, the next step for THBC NW1 was the first regatta with the added bonus of fancy dress. With last-minute whiskers applied at marshalling, the crew were ready to race the 500m course against their first opponents, Newnham NW1.

With an excellent start the two crews were neck and neck, but a rather aggressive racing line from THBC led to a disqualification from the race. Not to be deterred, we rowed to the marshalling point and got ready for the second race, against Clare Hall NW1.

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