Race Results

QCBC host the annual Queens' Ergs competition in the Michaelmas Term, an 8x500m indoor rowing relay race open to novices (those who have begun rowing that term) only. It usually attracts over 1000 rowers, and is the second largest indoor rowing event in the UK [wikipedia]

Mens Novice First VIII (NM1)

6th Overall

Formed of mostly freshers, they all showed great enthusiasm in getting into training and beginning to think about races. Queens’ Ergs was a triumph, where they came in 6th overall after a great effort.

Womens Novice VIII

6th in our division

Queens Ergs is the first novice event of the year, and so it was a nervously excited Trinity Hall NW1 who arrived at Cripps Court, raring to go. After pre-race stretching and jelly babies, it was time for our division and the team did not disappoint.

Up first, with the challenge of starting a dead fly-wheel, was Ellen; a slight case of nerves translated into an incredible erg and Trinity Hall were off to a flying start! Not to be outdone, each of the girls pulled excellent times, with nearly the whole crew achieving personal best times – an excellent start to the season.


Mallika Leuzinger
Laura Brightman
Alice Archer
Helena Schofield
Ellen Heddle
Henrietta Kelly
Genna McDermott
Alex Zolyniak

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