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Unfortunately senior Fairbairns was cancelled on the Friday due to ice on the river. This was really disappointing as training had been going well and we really wanted to be able to show that all the training has paid off. The training wont be wasted as it will give us something solid to build on for the lents.

The novice races on the thursday were able to go ahead, albeit over a shortened course.

Mens Novice First VIII (NM1)

9th Overall in Novice Men

However, the Fairbairn Cup was the main race of the term, and the crew turned it around for this key event. After a long and very cold marshal at Jesus Lock they ended up a very respectable 9th overall, rowing a shortened course to the P and E due to ice on the river.
The crew has rowed with its fair share of subs over the term (and thank you to those guys), but has shown real crew spirit and determination in training and races where it counted. I sincerely hope to see as many of you as possible out on the river in Lent for more THBC success. ROW HALL!

Womens Novice VIII


It is an accepted fact that completion of Novice Fairbairns marks the transition from Novice to rower for a Cambridge rower; where this leaves NW1 is uncertain, due to an unfortunate combination of events.

From the start, the corners were handled excellent by the cox, Juliet Griffin, and the power was going down in the water from the crew. Emma NW1 were close behind, due to the starting marshals setting them off soon after us, and so the pressure was on.

This closeness was the first of the unfortunate circumstances; the second came just upstream from the Churchill boathouse, when a crab on stroke side caused the THBC VIII to take a sharp, uncontrollable turn towards the stroke-side bank.

The Emma crew believed themselves able to get through, and so steered to go between the THBC stern and the bow-side bank; the lack of space lead to their bow being lodged on the THBC stern, and the two boats forming an L-shape which effectively blocked the rest of the river for the crews behind us.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to row apart, the conjoined crews limped to the Churchill hard and disembarked. The boats were then successfully separated, and the damage inspected; in that respect, THBC definitely came out of top, with a couple of scratches compared to the hole in the bow of the Emma boat.

After a certain amount of time spent with the boat at Churchill, waiting for the word from the marshall on restarting, NW1 got back into the boat and rowed home. We were unfortunately not allowed a restart, and were recorded as DNF.

Despite the outcome, throughout the term THBC NW1 has shown themselves to be a capable, enthusiastic and determined crew with significant potential; had the circumstances been different, who knows how the race results would have looked?


Juliet Griffin

Ellen Heddle
Henrietta Kelly
Alice Archer
Mallika Leuzinger
Manon Brouillet
Laura Brightman
Helena Schofield
Sarah Weaver

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