Race Results

A 2500m head race on the Cam from the A14 motorway bridge to the Penny Ferry.

Womens Fairbairns 1st IV+

6th in Womens Student Senior IV+ in 11:10

Having only had one outing together in a new crew and order post-Uni IVs, our expectations were not terribly high for this race. However, we impressed ourselves over the first km, holding fairly even with the CUWBC IV we were chasing through Plough Reach and putting in a decent 1 km split. Coming around Ditton Corner however, the pressure and rhythm dropped off and our second km was significantly slower, showing we still have more work to do as a crew and speed to find before Fairbairns.

Womens Fairbairns 2nd IV+

2nd in Womens Student Novice IV+ in 11:13

Womens Fairbairns VIII

Tied for 10th in Womens Student Student Senior VIII in 10:16

Though we had struggled to find a strong race rhythm in our (again) very few outings in the VIII during the previous week, we settled well during the race and kept the pressure on the whole way, with some great pushes coming down the long reach and through to the finish. We tied with LMBC for 10th in the division (who are now chasing us in Lent Bumps), which, again, gives us a mark to work from for the remainder of this term and the next.

Archived Results