Race Results

Mens 1st IV+

M1 - Lost to Magdalene

After a bit of a tense row down, the attention....go! Was heard, signalling the start. Sadly the start and stride were not the usual quality of previous practices but when the boat settled into its rythmn it flew along! Despite this and some gutsy power 10s with a storming finish down the reach Magdalene still managed to finish 5s ahead.

Despite the initial dissapointment of a first round knock out, when the times were released it turned out that we had managed to row the course in 7:34, making us the 5th fastest crew! This for a realitively inexperienced boat is definitely something to be proud of. So looking forward to some great future results!

Mens 2nd IV+

M2 - Lost to Emmanuel 2 in the QF by 3.2 s

Womens 1st IV

W1 - First round, beat Christs

After a slightly dodgy start (cox still had his hand up and bow pair were taking a tap...) we found a good race rhythm and stormed through Christs achieving clear water behind us by the end of the reach. We had a comfortable strong row finishing two and a half lengths ahead. Good work ladies!


W1 - QF lost to Downing

Again, we probably did not have our best start as we were moving backwards when the gun went, and Downing unlike Christs made the most of this, taking half a length off the start which they were not going to let us take back. However we had a good row with some strong pushes and held fairly even with Downing after the railway bridge. In the end, we lost by just over a length, and were simply a good crew beaten by a better crew...

Womens 2nd IV

W2 - QF, beat LMBC W3

Despite a last minute crew change due to injury the girls looked very strong and together. Cox did a good job of linning them up and they had a good start. They pulled through LMBC getting clear water by the railway bridge. Then they took it home keeping the power and leaving LMBC in the distance. Good work ladies!

W2 - Semi final, beat Christs W2!

Similar story to the quarter finals. The girls kept it strong and together and pulled into the lead form the start. Christs managed to stay in touch for the reach but going under the railway bridge the corner was in our favour and the girls had an effective push to give themselves clear water and leave Christs behind. They kept their legs on sending Christs further and further into the distance. Yet again great row girls!

W2 - Final, lost to Downing W2

Again a good solid row but by this point the girls were understandably a little tired and having a shorter rest between races than the Downing crew was not ideal. However the girls still had some good pushes and gave it everything they could. I was definately proud to be part of THBC today. Good work ladies.

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