Race Results

The 4K head race was a good excuse to get away from the cam and the carnage that goes with novice term to get a decent amount of rowing done. After winning pots at Peterborough over the summer all 4 IVs racing were no longer novices. This made winning pots a little more challenging than last year, but everyone still put in solid performances. We managed to bring a few pots back with us and almost more importantly we beat clare the only other cambridge college racing in IVs!

Mens 1st IV+

IM3 4+ - Second in 16:02

In hindsight M1 should have entered the IM2 category as they would have won that! Still, a good row and a good result, finishing just 10 seconds behind the winners, Lincoln RC and beating clare by 29 seconds.

Mens 2nd IV+

IM3 4+ - Time of 17:21

Womens 1st IV

WIM3 4+ - WON in a time of 17.55

Despite the very windy conditions we managed to hold it together and keep the work on the legs to have a good solid row. Some tight corners helped us out, although one was maybe a touch too tight! We had nothing left in the tank as we crossed the finish which was our aim and we managed to beat the Clare IV by over a minute and a half to win the category.

Womens 2nd IV

WIM3 4+ - 19:01, Beat Clare!

Unfortunately after Harry won a point at Peterborough W2 had to enter the same category as W1. They still put in a good row, holding a solid rate and looking very tidy as they went past the supporters on the bank. Also they managed to beat clare W1 by 26 seconds!

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