Race Results

The May Bumps are split into ten divisions (six for men, four for women) of 17 boats. The top boat of each division (apart from the top division) races at the bottom of the next division, and so a continuous chart can be drawn mapping the progress of all crews. The races are run over four days, finishing on Saturday 12th.
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Bumps Summary

M1Rowed OverGot BumpedGot BumpedGot Bumped
W1Rowed OverBumped UpRowed OverBumped Up
M2Bumped UpRowed OverRowed OverGot Bumped
W2Bumped UpBumped UpBumped UpBumped Up
M3Rowed OverGot BumpedGot BumpedGot Bumped
W3Got BumpedGot BumpedRowed OverRowed Over

Ladies' 1st VIII

Ladies' 1st VIII

Day 2 - Bumped Churchill

Like in Lents, we had a really good start, stride was excellent, bumping 10 was strong and fast, it's just a shame it took them so long to concede!

Tomorrow we're going to execute the plan again to try and get Catz

Ladies' 1st VIII

Day 4 - Bumped Magdalene

After the technical rowover on Friday and W2 getting blades earlier in the day, we were eager to row a strong race and hold nothing back on the final day. We were fairly confident we could catch Magdalene, as we'd been on station with Catz when they were awarded the bump on them during Friday's pileup, but were prepared for what we thought might be a hard fought race. As it happened, everything went very quickly. We had a connected, strong start (well done Immy for stretching yourself an extra foot to not drop the bung!) and by the time we finished the start sequence we were already hearing calls from our bank party that we had a length on Magdalene. We made several big pushes and the calls for 3/4 length and 1/2 length came as we were passing under the motorway bridge. From there on out, it felt like the washing machine had been put on a much higher spin cycle than normal (as Martin would say), as the water was very rough. We tried to stay relaxed and kept powering forward, and had a committed bumping ten that got us the bump coming into first post corner (captured by Spanner Spotter!). It felt great, and was a satisfying finish to what has been an excellent term of rowing for W1. Well done, ladies!

Day 3 - technical row over

We had another good start chasing Catz, holding station with them down first post reach. Churchill drifted off towards Kings. As we came round first post corner, Clare and Girton had bumped in the gut and hadn't cleared by the time Queens came charging round, so they had to hold it up. Catz had overlap with Madgalene as they also held it up. We held it up still on station with Catz as Churchill and Kings dribbled round the corner.

After a long discussion, Catz were awarded a technical bump due to the overlap and we were awarded a row-over due to the expanding distance between us and Churchill. Churchill and Kings were sent back to re-row but then rowed over.

Ladies' 1st VIII

Day 1 - rowed over

We were being chased by Jesus II so knew getting bumped was unlikely, but going for the bump was somewhat trickier. We were chasing Catz, who were chasing Churchill. In the words of Martin, they are 'very ordinary'. Catz caught them before 1st post, leaving us to row over.

We rowed really well, and are looking forward to giving Churchill a hard time tomorrow!

Ladies' 2nd VIII

Ladies' 2nd VIII

Day 1 - Bumped St Edmund's I

W2 was off like a shot and started pulling on St. Edmund's immediately. Rowing with grace, discipline and power - it caught Eddies easily within the first 40+ strokes for the Bump. Ever heeding their coach, though, W2 simply kept on rowing and would have rowed over the top of Eddies eight had not the Marshals finally wrested control of the boat from cox.

"He told me never to stop!" correctly commented cox Hannah in response to enquiries.

Well, never you mind. It was a first rate row and the crew is now hungry for the chance to repeat the effort tomorrow when it chases FaT.

Ladies' 2nd VIII

Day 4 - Bumped Girton II for Blades!

There was little doubt within the minds of those who knew that Trinity Hall's W2 would Bump Girton and succeed in capturing Blades in the 2010 Mays. In fact, several analysts suggested the crew was so strong it could have caught up to three crabs during the final day's racing and still have managed to Bump by the railroad bridge.

So it was that on the fourth day of racing the Crafty Crescents annihilated Girton almost exactly at first corner in front of a massive throng of humanity all cheering for the good guys. And immediately after the Bump, and in a surprising display of sheer Bravado, otherwise intensely disciplined Hannah Capek (cox) purposely steered the boat towards Wales abruptly burying it into a tiny earthy nook along the non-towpath side of the river. (Seatbelts will be installed for the crew next year, we're told.)
Turns out her excellent range of vision and ability to spot opportunity from the stern had caught sight of an "old boy" offering a Pimm's her direction just as the Bump was about to occur. Success guaranteed, she simply took advantage of the opportunity, ruddered hard left and uniquely parked the boat into the bank, manoeuvring herself directly in front of an awaiting glass of the red-coloured sweet-stuff.

"More ice, if you please." she was heard to comment.

(We were later told that Boatman Martin Fordham was extremely furious with the incident until he came to understand a free Pimm's was at stake.)
Having finished her drink, cox disengaged from the bank, received and displayed the College Flag, and ordered the giddy crew to paddle along in perfect unison accepting as they did applause and hearty cheers of "Well Done Hall!" all the way up the Cam.

And, then, just as fast as the Term had started, the Term suddenly ended as the THBC W2 crew quietly rowed their boat away from the crowds, towards the Boathouse, and on in to the history they had just made on that wonderfully glorious, sun-drenched afternoon of memories in June of 2010...

Well done W2!

Ladies' 2nd VIII

Day 2 - Bumped First and Third II

Stoic, determined effort would aptly describe this crew's second day of racing. A no-nonsense group of winners, W2 took no time in bumping First and Third Trinity in about fifty strokes.

Any given spectator had to swallow hard after what she or he had just witnessed. Once settled, W2 literally pulled a seat on FAT with every stroke. It was a sight to behold.

And, again, W2 kept on rowing after the Bump - as if it was determined to eject by force every crew which came within the reach of its bow.

Gotta love this drive, guts and will to dominate.

Tomorrow the crew will go for three in a row as it chases Wolfson. But here is some kindly advice to spectators: don't get in the way of these women - you may find yourself eye-to-eye with a bow ball.

Well done W2.

Ladies' 2nd VIII

Day 3 - bumped Wolfson I

One commentator described W2's performance today as follows: "Off too fast, wobbly at the sprint, settled too high, but so bloody strong none of it mattered."

Such was the "bad" row of W2 today as it bumped poor Wolfson before it had a chance to know what hit 'em.

The Trinity Hall crew, it was later revealed, suffered from "cannonitis" as it experienced its first start ever immediately adjacent to the official starting cannon for the May Bumps. Bow and two seemed to suffer hearing loss in their left ears whilst the rest of the crew thought they were being shelled by the HMS Pinafore; hence the "rabbit" start at a 48 (!) rating. Settling after ten sprint strokes at a 39 (!) the crew was simply out-of control rating-wise. However, steady-at-the-helm Hannah (cox) pulled an absolutely spot-on straight course as the Flying Females overtook Wolfson before 1st Corner. Good thing, too. Had the race lasted another 3 minutes, W2 would have likely died from exhaustion.

Doesn't really matter, though. The crew deservedly got its third Bump in three attempts and tomorrow goes for blades.

Well done W2!!!!!!!

Ladies' 3rd VIII

Ladies' 3rd VIII

Day 1 - Bumped by Christ's III

W3 was robbed of a Technical Bump as the four minute cannon had sounded - but no Hughes Hall crew had posted at the station up. When the one minute cannon was due, still no HH. But the officials held up the entire race for another five minutes and allowed Hughes to gain station prcluding the TB for TH.

W3 had a terrific start pulling a half length on HH within the first thirty strokes, But, alas, the dreaded Cam Current caught the keel and sent the boat towards Wales whilst Christ's took advantage and Bumped the good guys.

No matter! Tomorrow we do it all over again and will repay Christ's compliments in kind.

Well rowed W3.

Ladies' 3rd VIII

Day 2 - Bumped by Peterhouse II

With joy and verve THBC W3 attached itself to station 17 in preparation for recruiting Revenge upon Christs in day two of Mays competition.

The crew was off with a bang and held its own for the first 200 meters before the reality of two experienced coxes rowing in the boat took effect upon the new, less experienced cox.

Sophie Machin (THBC Women's Captain) sat at cox this race whilst Immy Whittam (W1 cox) sat at 5 and Zoe Fayers (M1 cox) sat at 2. At the cannon, Sophie was clearly in charge as the crew started nicely and pulled straight for 100 meters before counter-commands could be heard from 4 & 2 throwing poor Sophie for a loop. 2 simply then feathered her blade (which did balance the boat) but 4 then eased up causing the racing bowside to over pull the boat towards Wales (again). To her credit, Sophie commanded the crew to "pull hard stroke" which straightened the course for the eight but not before Peterhouse had taken advantage of the situation and gained its Bump.

A good effort by all!

Pundits are in disagreement over tomorrow's THBC W3 chances as the boat claims to field four existing coxes in the same boat (i.e., Shappy (W3 cox); Immy (W1 cox); Zoe (M1 cox) and Cat (CUWBC cox)).

Rumour has it they may all have cox boxes, so this indeed shall be a boat to watch.

Ladies' 3rd VIII

Day 3 - rowed over

Now this was a THBC race to behold! With five coxes in the boat, the four remaining actual rowers were so dumbfounded that the crew actually pulled a straight course all the way to the P&E to achieve a well-deserved row-over.

That something special was in the air with this crew became clear the moment the one-minute cannon sounded. Picture this: A mother duck had decided to swim alongside of the boat with her seven little ducklings just seconds before the start cannon. So, of course, the crew calmly waited until Mum and her brood moved on; notwithstanding the fact that the start cannon had fired minutes before.

One has to give credit to such dedication to the future of the waterfowl species - even at the expense of a better time or even a Bump.

Further, one could only help but become forever endeared to this makeshift crew as it threw all good form to the wind and, while racing, profusely waived at the cheering crowds camped along the banks. In fact, the crew somehow managed to wave all 18 arms and hands to standing ovations whilst carrying-on past the Plough - the boat somehow traveling straight-as-an-arrow. Go figure.

Tomorrow, sporting the original crew from Wednesday, this W3 is determined to out-pull Peterhouse and avoid the dreaded Spoons.

Well done W3!!!!!

Day 4 - Rowed Over

With wide-eyed enthusiasm W3 sought revenge upon its arch-rival Peterhouse on the last day of Bumps. W3's original crew from Wednesday's outing was in the boat ready to defeat any notion of "Spoons". Alas, it was not to be as this erstwhile eight (at the bottom of the river) started well but quickly fell behind the Peterhouse-Hughes Hall contest ahead up river. Having become aware of reality, however, the crew severely lowered the rating and, instead, set forth on a remarkable row-over simply enjoying the outing whilst stopping here and there on the Cam to sign autographs or wish youngsters well. (It is a capital thing that rowing can be enjoyed from a variety of perspectives even during the most ardent of campaigns.)

That this Term's W3 crew had done it all, though, is an understatement. No less than eighteen individuals had at one time or another sat within this celebrated crew. And one mustn't forget that this crew was also responsible for huge positive media coverage after it had rescued a hapless and helpless dog from drowning one morning in front of the P&E.
So, when it is all said and done, this Term's W3 will be remembered as having contributed heavily to the all around success (and remarkable experiences) shared by the entire 2010 Trinity Hall Boat Club.

Well done W3!

Men's 1st VIII

Day 2 - Bumped by St. Catherine's

The cultural penumbra adorning the Bumps leads one mistakenly to focus upon the "bump" as the be-all, end-all of each of the four days' extravaganza. Pity.

The remaining few purists around the Cam would alternatively (and rightfully) argue that it is raw, gutsy determination which might perhaps be found in one or two of the individual races each year which makes the whole affair worth attending and, yes, pays homage to the original intent of the Bumps - pure human endeavour.
THBC M1's race against Catz this evening was legendary; reminiscent of the days of matchstick blades, megaphoned coxes and beanied coaches. Good stuff this.
If the truth be told, the money was on Catz to Bump early. But something had gelled within this M1 crew and with fire in their eyes, acceleration in their stroke and power at their command, they rowed long past first corner with the type of raw, gutsy, pure human effort not seen on this river in many a year.

M1 was bumped two-thirds of the way down the long reach - but who cares? The crew rowed a race which should and will be in the annals of the great efforts within Cam history. This was a race around which everyone associated with Trinity Hall past and present should be proud because the crew rowed beyond themselves and into a zone of athletic performance reserved for only a fabled few. Well done M1.

Men's 1st VIII

Day 3 - bumped by Fitzwilliam

Day three of bumps was a tough one for the men's first eight. With heavy legs from the previous day's efforts we knew we were being chased by a quick crew after they pushed us for an overbump on the first night. We came off the start hard, determined to do our best and stay in our bubble, and we rowed well - we moved on St. Catherine's who had bumped us the day before and were within a length by first post corner. Unfortunately, Fitz had moved on us even faster and as we came into grassy they nudged our stern.
A quick race from start to finish, and one that was raced very much as a sprint. Disappointing that we were bumped, but Fitz are undoubtedly quick this year.

Men's 1st VIII

Day 1 - rowed over

The THBC 1st men had a great row to the start, putting in a fantastic practice start and winding to over rate 40 in a short piece that felt light, quick and easy. Unfortunately when it came to the proper bumps start nerves were running a little higher and we struggled to settle into such a good rhythm. Clare were quickly bumped by St. Catherine's behind us on First Post corner, as we held Queens' into the gut. Queens' then went on to take a terrible line around grassy, clipping the far bank and prompting us to put in a push and gain some ground. Unfortunately it wasn't enough for the bump but we kept pushing onto the reach. Slowly Fitzwilliam started to appear from behind St. Catherine's as they enjoyed the flat water and made sure that we kept pushing to the finish.
Overall, we had a gritty and determined race. Hopefully tomorrow we can relax a little more and make things easier for ourselves...

Men's 1st VIII

Day 4 - Bumped by Magdalene

The men came into the last day of bumps with a much more positive attitude than the day before. We were focussed and relaxed on the way up to the start, and knew exactly what was needed. The cannon went and we set off into a good start, winding to 42 and settling into a solid 36. We held Magdalene and Fitz on station through to first post corner, and pushed through the corners well. As we came past the plough we sat up and pushed hard to a huge wall of sound from our supporters (remembering it still makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck). As we came into Ditton Magdalene had moved up to a length, but we held their pushes well down the reach, sending the puddles down the boat well at a solid 34. Towards the end of the reach our legs started to falter and Magdalene capitalised by putting in a big push and closing to half a length. We came under the railway bridge at a canvas and were bumped within sight of the finish, a mere 30 or 40 strokes from rowing over.
As a crew, we were hugely disappointed at the result, coming so close to getting the row over. Despite this, both crews raced well in what was one of the closest battles in the men's first division. We can look forward to getting our revenge next year.

Men's 2nd VIII

Men's 2nd VIII

Day 3 - rowed over

Hughes Hall were still ahead of Peterhouse, leaving little chance of a bump for them, so we knew that we'd have the whole course to chase them over again.

A good start led into a good, fast row through the first corners, taking some distance off them as before, but every inch was hard won. We chased them onto the reach and with a build out the corner like yesterday we took the gap down to three quarters of a length. Down the reach and under the railway bridge they responded to any further push from us, and again both boats went over the line.

We had really pushed ourselves quite hard today, and this not being enough to catch them was somewhat disheartening, but we steeled ourselves up for one more try, in front of the crowds, on Saturday...

Men's 2nd VIII

Day 2 - rowed over

We knew that Girton would be no challenge to us, but knew too that bumping Peterhouse would be a bit harder than catching Girton.
Our start was slightly more connected but not as fast through the wind this time, and we had some serious carnage-avoiding to do because of an early bump up ahead, which disrupted our stride. Despite this, everyone gave it their all, and we took a few yards off Peterhouse slowly through the first half of the course.

Out of Ditton corner and powering onto the reach, Steph called the lift out of the bend, and coming onto the straight we decided to make our move for another bump. Peterhouse responded as we came to near a length behind them. An optimistic single whistle from Martin on the bank gave us a bit more belief that we could do it, however as we ate up the long reach and neared the railway bridge they continued to push off us whenever we went for it.

Pretty soon we'd crossed the line without getting much closer, feeling frustrated as our dreams of blades were spoilt but pleased with a very solid row-over against worthy opponents.

Day 4 - Bumped by Robinson

Peterhouse finally had an achievable bump ahead of them, so we probably would have to get them in the first part of the course if it would happen at all. Robinson behind us as before didn't seem like much of a threat, but that turned out not to be the case.

The start was delayed due to debris in the river, and after some seriously nervous waiting and stopping and counting down once more, we finally started on the final gun of the term. One or two airstrokes and a nervous start lost us some distance to Robinson behind but we soon pulled away once more. Through the crowds and into first post corner the disturbingly uncomfortable feeling of total exhaustion crept in but through grassy we battled through, holding off Robinson well but not catching Peterhouse.

We kept pounding out the rhythm past the cheers from the Plough, with Robinson reeling us in gradually. They put on a burst of speed onto the reach, and we responded, but with our legs feeling dead and our lungs on fire there wasn't much else to give. Peterhouse had bumped out ahead and we shot past with Robinson hot on our tail. Our best hope now was to just keep on going, keep holding them off, and go for one more row over. Encouraged by their whistles they went for a huge push and we couldn't respond. We had to concede about half way down the reach.

We finished our bumps campaign, therefore, exactly level. Not a brilliant result, but considering how the crew that we had been at the start of term couldn't have had a chance against these crews shows the massive progress we've made. May M2's solid defence of their station compares extremely well with Lent M2's spoons.

Men's 2nd VIII

Day 1 - Bumped Girton

Heavy rain didn't dampen our spirits in the last few minutes of waiting. The gun fired and we took our first stroke, and it didn't quite seem real or as terrifying as it should be.

Our start was far from perfect, perhaps suffering from first day nerves, and this allowed Robinson to catch us slightly on the first few strokes. But into the "wind" and the "high-for-ten" we continued to accelerate away. Soon they were as far away as they started, and then a bit further as we settled to our racing rhythm.

Racing under the bridge we continued to power towards Girton, encouraged by the single whistle blast to say we were a length off them. Down the straight towards First Post Corner the race started to take its toll and we were all starting to breathe heavily. Two blasts said we were closing the gap though: helping us break through the initial exhausted feeling as we came into the corner.
Now we were eating up the distance bit by bit, and then, there was the overlap, and we came through the corner on their inside. Next thing we knew Steph told us to hold it up and we couldn't quite believe we'd Bumped them. At some point the rain had stopped and we pulled in to the bank feeling pretty happy.

In all, a brilliant start to Mays, but equally an excellent show of how well we could do if we iron out those nerves come tomorrow...

Men's 3rd VIII

Men's 3rd VIII

Day 2 - bumped by FaT IV

As that most famous son of St John's, Sid Waddell, nearly once said, eat your heart out Harold Pinter, we've got Drama with a capital D on the Cam this afternoon.

The highs and lows of top-flight sport were there for all to see in a frenzied couple of minutes between the motorway bridge and the Gut. One moment we were riding high, the boat singing through the water as we came within an ace of bumping Clare III. However, just as we prepared to mount our bumps push and turn our thoughts to how best to arrange the foliage for the row home, up went the cry from the stern. Rather than bumping our neighbours to the south we had, horror of horrors, been bumped by our long-term tenants to the north, Trinity.

Truly, those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. Maybe we had been focusing too much on the boat in front. Maybe FaT IVs penchant for rowing in a straight line round the bendy bits while taking a bendy line on the straight bits the day before had lulled us into a false sense of security. Maybe we just weren't good enough. Either way, at least Icarus had a few moments to assess the sudden absence of wax situation before plunging from the sky. For M3 the denouement was nasty, brutish and short. One minute you're strolling out of the casino with Elle Macpherson on your arm, the next you're waking up next to veteran Scotsport anchorman Archie Macpherson talking you through a nil-nil draw between Airdrie and Motherwell on a cold Tuesday night.

Men's 3rd VIII

Day 3 - bumped by ARU

Well, frankly, I felt violated after this "race". This reminded me of the time I was hustled off the pool table in a bar in Nashville during the Country Music Awards. Some redneck, having played for several hours like he was on the wrong side of a crystal meth bender, suddenly produced some proper bunse from the breast pocket of his rhinestone shirt, laid it down and cleared up off the break thus costing me a couple of days gasoline money and the humiliation of having to run round the car park with my trousers round my ankles. Anglia Ruskin had spent Day One catching more crabs than the little fella that my brother in law, who runs a sea-food restaurant in the North East of Scotland, buys his crabs off. On Day Two they had never looked like catching FaT IV who, according to my friend from Trinity, had never looked like not catching us. So it was with some surprise that, as we left the shade of the motorway bridge after yet another blistering start, Rob suggested that we might like to pull into the side. A false start perhaps? Something wrong with the boat? No, apparently ARU had switched their crew of Days One and Two for the German Olympic Eight and had bumped us while the noise of the start canon was still echoing off the underside of the motorway bridge. Despite Martin's attempts to console us by suggesting that 'they were in the wrong division', some of us couldn't help but feel on the long row home that perhaps it was us, not them, that were in the wrong division.

Men's 3rd VIII

Day 1 - Rowed over

Like the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, like the bit just before they get shot in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, like Joe Dolce keeping Ultravox off the top of the singles chart with 'Shaddap you face' in 1981, the Men's III boat held off a superior First and Third IV in an epic race on Day One. Despite a good start, it became clear that there was no chance of our catching the Clare Hall first boat in front and that the battle would be waged with the crew behind us. And so it turned out as FaT IV hoved into view after taking an unplanned detour into the reeds at First Post Corner.

Half way down Plough Reach we could smell them. By Ditton we could hear them. By the railway bridge, their bowman was plaiting our cox's dodgy barnet. However, 'power ten' followed 'power ten' and we held them off. There was more whistling than at an Ibiza rave, but Crispin had told us to ignore all that, so we did. By the finish, we were more spent than Ron Jeremy after a double bill.

Day One - more heroic than when Hercules rolled out of bed, bunged on his sandals and thought of 'twelve things to do before I die'.

Day 4 - Bumped by Corpus Christi II

Ah, the Saturday of bumps! Friends, family, lovers and Robbie's sister all in the crowd to cheer us on. The heroics of Wednesday seemed a long way off. This one felt more like a Rymans League (Southern Division) relegation dogfight and one that we were unlikely to win given that the boat in front had given us a proper spanking by the motorway bridge the day before and the one behind us, Corpus II, almost certainly did not contain a large number of de facto novices, one of whom was old enough to remember Hugo's mum in her prime. I can't really remember where they caught us, but catch us they did.

Still, the avoidance of spoons meant spirits were high as we rowed back past the throng at The Plough, treating the punters to a lusty rendition of 'Shoes off, if you love Tit Hall'. We may not have troubled the foliage this week. We may not be any wiser. But we have more than just a few blisters and a (hopefully temporary) bad back to show for it. There is the memory of the Dunkirk spirit that held off FaT IV on Day One. There is the memory of being within a gnat's whisker of bumping Clare III on Day Two. There's the memory of the first time the boat actually sat steady as all eight of us rowed together. And finally, there's the one contribution that we always knew we would make, providing Boat Club Dinner with its gimp.

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