Race Results

Side by side mayhem over a 400m course in front of the town and college boathouses, organised by the City of Cambridge Rowing Club.

Ladies' 2nd VIII

Ladies' 2nd VIII

Demolished Jesus in the Division Final by Three Lengths

A hearty "Well Done!" to all within today's THBC-W2 crew as it demolished Jesus in the Division final by three(3)lengths. Hot off the start, the crew was a length up by the Trinity Hall Boathouse. Both "Wow!" and "Row Hall!" were heard on both sides of the Cam as the flawless crew cruised to the Boathouse side of the river a quarter of the way into the piece, utterly cutting off any hopes the Jesus crew may have had about finishing first.

Several men's crews from various Colleges were heard to petition for email addresses of the TH winning eight (plus cox.) However, the winning crew would have nothing of it instead focusing after the race upon the coming week's outings. "There will be time enough for frivolity after the Mays..." Isobel Daley was heard to remark as the boat was spinning after the race.

A formidable crew, there are actually 12 women vying for a spot in what should be an illustrious THBC W2 Boat at Mays.

Mens' 3rd VIII

Beaten by Jesus M3

Unfortunately many of M3 couldn't make it for the race, so the VIII was made up of a scratch crew. The crew made a fair effort considering the situations but the lack of training as a unit and a lack of experience at high rates from most of the crew meant that Jesus M3 were able to pull away and win the race.

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