Race Results

500m sprint races for alumni and current THBC members

Men's 1st VIII

Alumni Regatta

From 9am on Saturday 17th April the Trinity Hall boat house had become a hive of activity with all current club members on hand to prepare for the day ahead. The sun shone on what quickly proved to be a day for sunburn rather than frostbite, while the recently polished boats gleamed next to the river.

Once the first crews had been “organised” all rowers and spectators headed towards the long reach were the 500m side-by-side races were to take place. Some surprisingly coordinated rowing allowed the rowers to reach the start of the race long before the spectators arrived and the first race was performed infront of a sparce crowd. Despite a reduced crowd of supporters this race set the tone for the day with impressive oarsmen and women displaying considerable commitment and power, to be matched only by the interesting interpretations of the rowing stroke.

As the afternoon continued crew after crew relentlessly pounded the same 500m stretch of the long reach, for moments reliving the glory days of past races. Many of the more experienced (and less fit) members of the club quickly realised that the number of races required a level of strategy with respect to effort, resulting in considerable technical improvements.

With Clare college hosting a similar regatta on the same stretch of river it was inevitable that a grudge match would be declared. Although now severely battle weary, the final race of the day saw the finest of the Trinity Hall heavies racing their counter-parts in a Clare alumni crew. Following a quick start Clare quickly crumbled to the superior technique demonstrated by THBC, providing a final victory to send the crews tired but elated off to a calm and peaceful evening of refined dining in college.

Special mention must go to Martin for getting several boats into excellent racing shape (even though Martin himself was a curse to all crews he rowed with).

Hope to see you all next year!

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