Race Results

Newnham Short course is a 1.6 km race which takes place early on in Lent term.

Men's 2nd VIII

M2 - 6 mins 49

As a crew almost entirely chosen from returning novices, Trinity Hall M2 have put in considerable effort in order to be ready to race so soon after the start of term. Despite a few pre-race dilemmas (2 subs due to illness and a boat which only has working speakers for stern IV) M2 were in fine spirits rowing down to the start of the race. Some practice high rating bursts removed the pre-race nerves and a relaxed rowing style was estabished.

The rolling start built boat speed, without the edge of panic seen in the practice builds, and we quickly established a comfortable rate 30. Good stearing and power calls from Steph soon lengtherned the gap between us and the crew behind. Committment and focus maintained throughout the race with stern pair working as metronomes to hold the rate. Coming round the final corner onto the reach we had gained considerably on Churchill M2, with several power 10s bringing us within 2 lengths by the finish line.

Trinity Hall M2 finished the race in 6 min 49.58s, placing us in the upper half of the 2nd division. Several other colleges racing today will be competing around M2 in the Lent bumps and it was pleasing to see Trinity Hall were notably faster than the top three boats in their lent division (although having Magdalene II chasing us will provide incentive for stepping up to the next level!).

Row Hall!

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