Race Results

First race of the year, a 5km head race in Huntingdon... Click here for the photos.

Men's 1st IV

Men's 1st IV: 1st in S3 4+

We arrived in Huntingdon on a very cold October morning for this 4500m head race well before any of the other competitors feeling confident despite our limited time together as a crew. The warm-up and row down were relaxed and accurate and gave us an extra boost for the race ahead.

After a fairly lengthy wait for the last few crews to arrive at the start, we pushed off from the reeds and set off towards the racecourse, pursued by another S3 4+ (from Star Club). On Chip's call we built to a strong racing rythym at 31 strokes per minute and hit the line moving fast. Star kept up with us through the first few corners, but we maintained a solid rythym and slowly but surely pulled away. Once we had passed the half way mark, we were out of sight and built our power all the way to the finish. Once back ashore we were pleased to see that we were top of the senior 3 fours, a situation which remained as the other divisions raced and saw us winning our first pots of the season.

All in all a very strong row and a satisfying win!

Men's 2nd IV

Men's 2nd IV: 2nd in N 4+

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