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An 800m sprint on the Cam, down the Long Reach; Clare Novice Regatta is held between Thursday and Saturday, with both 'cup' and 'plate' events.

Men's First Novice VIII

1st Round: Lost to Peterhouse NM1

NM1 started their first race aimed towards their opponents, Peterhouse, and so with the help of the cross wind, the two boats soon collided and the race had to be re-started.
This threw NM1 slightly, and the ensuing start was quite rushed, with our Black and White Warriors failing to put their awesome power into the boat speed. Once moving, however, they had started to gradually reel them in.
But, with Peterhouse ahead the confidence started to drain, and the power and timing suffered. A crab just before the curve at the railway bridge meant that NM1 were thrown towards the bank. After some disentanglement, a solid row over the line gave a respectable defeat.

In all, not a brilliant performance, but a perfect lesson in many respects in keeping concentration on every stroke, and never stopping rowing whatever happens. If we learn well from this race then this could give us the edge at Fairbairns, so watch this space..

Mens' Second Novice VIII

2nd Round- Against Cauis C won by 3/4 length

Following a well focused warm up with Michael Carson kindly subbing in for the absent Jo Harris. THBC 2nd Novice VIII went into their first race of the term. Off the start neither crew could gain an advance but the longer strokes, slower slide and better discipline of the THBC crew meant they soon pulled ahead by the 400m mark. However at this point the stroke started to shorten up and unfortunately stroke caught a crab but the rest of the crew bravely kept on rowing until he had recovered and kept their boat ahead of Cauis. Sadly 7 then caught a crab which threw the crew into dissaray for 10 strokes but a rapid recovery on his behalf meant everyone quickly got back in time to push for the line and win by 3/4 of a length. Certainly a nailbiting race, but one that held alot of promise.

Quarter Finals vs Jesus B - won by 4 lengths

Dissapointed with the mistakes they made in the race against Cauis C the day before the crew set out to win by "making fewer mistakes than their opponents". This they did perfectly. After an equally matched start Jesus promptly crashed into the THBC boat and in the clash of oars that followed half the Jesus rowers stopped rowing. Under commands from the cox the THBC rowers kept on doggedly rowing however and so pulled their boat ahead by 1 length. A great rythm was then set with long strokes and a rate of 30 which pulled the THBC crew ahead by 3 lengths. This lead was then elongated to 4 lengths following a power 10 under the bridge and a great line by the cox.
Definately a win that they should all be proud of!

Semi Finals vs Cauis B - lost by 1 length

As the wind picked up during the day the THBC 2nd Novice VIII came to face their second Cauis Crew of the competition. The focus was maintained all the way down to the start despite the high from the victory against Jesus. However off the start the more powerful Cauis crew managed to push off the THBC boat to gain a lead of half a boat length. This sadly shook up the 2nd Novice men and strokes became slightly more frantic with catches being slightly late which allowed Cauis to open up the gap. At the 400m mark the THBC crew once more composed themselves and settled into a stronger rythm. This combined with some good power tens closed the gap on Cauis. Sadly the lead gained by Caius at the start of the race brought them over the finish line 1 length ahead. However, patches of the race were still some of the best rowing the second novice men have produced. And now with the experience of being the losing boat they will definately be able to keep their composure in such conditions in future.
Making the semi finals is a very respectable position so well done guys! (and girl!)

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