Race Results

A knockout time trial race held on the Cam. Two crews start with approximately 30 metres between them and race to the finish. The fastest time goes through to the next round. Men's Coxed Fours race from the little bridge (next to the A14 bridge) to the railway bridge, Women's Coxed Fours race the length of the long reach to the bumps finish at Chesterton.

Ladies First IV+

2nd Round: Lost to Emmanuel by 0.638 seconds

After a bye into the second round, the first women got off to a fantastic start. Pulling ahead of Emmanuel they maintained a good lead with clear water between the boats. As they came past the Penny Ferry pub Emmanuel put in a big push and closed the gap, but our girls held them and stopped to the cheering and congratulations of Martin, their coach.
However, unfortunately the Emmanuel CUCBC finishing umpire saw a different version of events and said that Emmanuel won by 1 foot. Then the verdict was 2 feet. Finally, the verdict was 0.638 seconds.
A sad end to a fantastic row (by both crews) in a race that surely should have had a re-row.

Men's First IV+

Men's First IV+

1st Round: Beat Fitzwilliam M2 by 22 secs

A solid first row, M1 set off with a long, relaxed start. We held our technique together nicely through the gut and Zoe steered the perfect course (as we've come to expect). Coming onto the long reach we could see that we had put in a good distance between the two crews and we held the advantage until the finish. Our final time was 7:56, beating Fitz M2 by 22 seconds.

Quarter Finals: Beat First and Third M2 by 5 seconds

The Trinity Hall first boat pushed off the start with more aggression and speed than in their first race, and with the exception of two somewhat floundering strokes settled into a good rhythm. Those two strokes did lose us some ground, but we pushed away through the corners with Zoe leaving barely an inch between our blades and the bank. Coming onto the reach we had the advantage and pushed hard to hold it to the end.

Semi-Finals: Lost to Downing

The odd-college out for the men's semi finals (the M1 and M2 division semi finals were dominated by Downing, Queens' and Kings') we set off the start with a high rate and plenty of aggression. Sadly, we never quite settled into our customary long loose rhythm and didn't make the inroads into Downing's lead that we had planned. A slight scrape of blades on first post corner shook the crew a little more but we rallied and put in a strong push through the gut. Despite closing on Downing with this, they pushed away to win by around three lengths.

The race certainly wasn't our best ever row, which was a shame. Still, with the best Uni IVs performance in recent years we were happy with our efforts. Next year...

Men's Second IV+

Men's Second IV+

1st Round: Lost to Peterhouse by 22 secs

With their customary quick start M2 intially closed the gap on Peterhouse M1 but despite this we never quite found our rythm and so Peterhouse slowly manage to lengthen the gap. While there were definately some learning points, it was still a race that M2 can all be proud of as everyone gave their all in an extremely impressive effort. All in all we finished with a time of 8:07 - ahead of Fitz M2, Selwyn M1 and the whole of the 2nd Division.

Men's Third IV+

Men's Third IV+

1st Round: Lost to Caius M2 by 18 secs

It started off well for M3, reeling Caius in on the start. Though, as the race progressed, Caius managed to undo this progress. By the reach there was still everything left to play for, and we could hear their cox as we picked ourselves up for the final sprint. Unfortunately, when the times came in M3 were behind, but overall a solid row and honourable defeat by our well-matched opponents. Row Hall!

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