Race Results

A multi-lane event held at Peterborough City Rowing Club, raced over 1000m on Saturday and 500m on Sunday. The majority of the 1000 crews entered camp over the weekend and the event is known for it's party on Saturday night, where much alcohol is consumed in a big party marquee. Even those that retire to their tents early are kept awake until the early hours by troupes of rowers singing loudly to cheesy classics.

Men's Summer IV+

Saturday, IM3 IV+ 1000m - Through to Repechage

After an excellent start, this all-graduate crew settled into a nice rhythm. At about 500m the focus faltered a little so the pace was picked up for a blistering 2nd place finish, securing a place in the repÍchage.

After some sun-bathing and general mincing around, they got back in the boat to go after their place in the final. A shakier start against some excellent crews meant their luck had run out and they lost out by a length.

Sunday IM3 IV+ 500m - 3rd out of 3

Everyone managed to pull themselves together in time for the early start, which wasn't ideal. Half a length was lost in the first few strokes, which later opened up to a length. A final burst closed the gap slightly, but it was too little too late. A valiant effort considering that at least two of the opposition crews hadn't had to camp overnight!

Single Scull (Machin)

Saturday Women's Novice Sculls - 7th Overall

Sophie did not capsize.

Sunday Women's Novice Scull 500m - Didn't win

With a mild headache, Sophie managed to row her sorry self to the start, turn around, and row back again on the start gun. A bit of lane switching later she crossed the finish line. Not sure whether she was 3rd or 4th, all we know is she didn't win.

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