Race Results

The day after the Henley Royal Regatta qualifying races, Reading Town Regatta is held over an 800m straight course at Thames Valley park in Reading.

Henley IV+

IM3 4+ Heat vs RGSAO Worcester - Rowed Over

We arrived at the stakeboats on a blazing hot day in Reading to find that our opponents, RGSAO Worcester, had failed to show up on time. Not wanting to delay the regatta, the umpire decided not to wait and set us off to row over. We did a racing start and then wound down to paddle over the course, spotting RGS rowing up as we went! A bit of a frustrating way to get to the final.

Henley IV+

IM3 4+ Final vs Cambridge '99 - Won by 2 1/2 lengths in 2:59

By the time of our final, the weather had heated up even more and we desperately searched for shade while waiting for the race to start. Eventually we were called up to the stakeboats and, after a short wait for an umpire launch, the race was started. We produced a solid and agressive start, winding to 37. As we strode, we were already up on 99s. They put in an early push to hold us, but we were in a strong rythym and moved away from them as we came past the enclosures to win by 2 1/2 lengths. A very solid and controlled row, which achieved both our goals for the race, to win and to record a sub 3 minute time for the 800m course. Recieving pots from an ex-THBC captain and the first points for many of us was a fitting way to finish off a successful and very enjoyable season. ROW HALL!

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