Race Results

A 2000m 6 lane regatta held on the Royal Albert Dock in East London. Full results available here.

Men's 1st VIII

IM3 8+ Final - 4th in 6:17

Another navigational mishap saw us very nearly miss the start of our final. We made it with a minute or so to spare, but it was hardly perfect preperation for the race! The final had Curlew RC in lane 1, Hampton School in 2, Star & Arrow, who had beaten us in our heat, in 3, Fitzwilliam in 4, Poplar Blackwall in 5 and us in lane 6. Another slightly poor start, not helped by going off at an angle and the slightly stressful panic to make it at all, again saw us with work to do early on. We managed to settle into a stronger rythym and move through into third, just ahead of Hampton with Curlew and Poplar well behind. Some strong pushes in the middle 1000m saw us move to almost a length ahead of Hampton, but in the final stretch of the race we lost our rythym slightly in the choppy water stirred up by the strong tailwind and allowed them back into it. A slightly frustrating race, but not a terrible result given the circumstances.

Men's 1st VIII

IM3 8+ Heat - 2nd in 6:13

After getting slightly lost on the way to the regatta centre, we didn't have quite as much time to prepare for our first race as we would have liked. Nevertheless we made it on to the water with time to spare and had a strong warm up paddle down to the start. For the heat, we were in lane 1, with Reading Bluecoat School in 2, Star and Arrow (Leander) in 3 and Queens' College in 4. A slightly sluggish start saw us down early on, but a strong sride allowed us to quickly move through Bluecoat & Queens', although Leander remained out in the lead. Near the halfway stage, we put in a push to finish off Queens' and confirm our passage to the final, this nearly succeeded, but a mistake as we tried to break clear allowed Queens' back into it and they finished slightly closer than we would have hoped. Job done and a decent performance in our first race of the term (and the first multilane race for many of us), but we left the water confident that there was a lot more time to be found by finding our stronger rythym and slightly more accurate rowing.

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