Race Results

A 400m side-by-side sprint in front of the boathouses.

Men's 2nd VIII

Semi Final - Beat Fitz M2 by 3/4 length

Strenuous, shattering, lengthy, exhausting, professional. These are words not normally associated with City Sprints, Cambridge's notorious 400m race along a narrow bend outside the boathouses. Sensing a potential victory amidst the vastly-contested and high-calabre 'Division 2' category, Trinity Hall's mighty M2 rose the many challenges which awaited them, most of which were self-induced.
The first was to ensure everyone actually turned up for the race. This particularly affected Fergal who now owes copious beverages to the rest of the crew. Nevertheless he showed great perseverence by managing to arrive for the final before we had pushed off.
The second issue was kit. Proudly awarded an official warning before our first contest for turning up in all manner of colours and GB kit, the race was on to find eight remotely matching pieces for the final.
But it was the third problem which came closest to threatening our grip on the title - an epic bow-side pull-round off the start, largely due to the baffling atheltic ability of our bow-man, Ryan who was quick to point out his impressive achievement. Such was the pull-round that we nearly collided in our first race, but recovered well to pull away from a demoralised Fitz who languished many lengths behind us. To counter this problem in our second race (the final) it was agreed that most of bow-side would not push of the start. The result was electrifying. Such was the Herculian effort of the crew (and the length of course) that in the space of just 40 seconds we had gone from mere finalists sitting on the stake boats, to pround winners of Trinity Hall's only silverware of the term so far.
But one challenge remained, for which we would need to summon the crew's collective ingenuity. Being such a narrow course, no crews could paddle back to the boathouses until the end of the division (in retrospect probably about 10 mins). So THBC M2 led the way, walking the boat back the entire course, a feat which proved far more exhausting and painful than the row in the final had been. It was the taller members of the crew who suffered the most (Rhodri), as well as the flowers of gardens which we systematically mowed as we moved with speed along the twisting path. But with the boat returned and our blades hoisted back onto the racks, our work was done and the final challenge overcome. In recognition of our efforts both on the water and off, Cambridge City Boat Club awarded us 9 glass tankards. Due to Ryan's draconian enforcement of a drinking ban until bumps, these unfortunately will have to sit gathering dust for future celebration. But in the meantime we look ahead to our next race.

Final - Beat Magdalene M2 by 1/2 length

Men's 3rd VIII

Semi Final - Lost to ARU M2 by 1 1/2 lengths.

We went into this race expecting to be competitive in our division, only to find out right before the start that it had been changed for some reason and we were up against an opponent who outweighed and outrowed us.

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