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500m fancy dress race

W3/M3 Cardinals' VIII

W3/M3 Cardinals' VIII

Beat Darwin

The M3/W3 cardinals crew have been training hard(ish) all term, with special attention to costume design, so we were excited that our big day had finally arrived. Penguin (and iceberg) costumes were carefully applied and we rowed to the start (discovering on route that it is not as easy as in looks to row in wings and a beak!) We survived the traumatic experience of being chased by a very menacing swan and prepared for our first race. This was against Darwin and we soon realised that they had considerably more rowing experience that us so we were going to have our work cut out. We therefore decided to focus on bribing the marshals, and successfully secured a head start (with the aid of penguin biscuits and Ianís persuasion skills!) The race got underway, and despite a solid start from THBC, Darwin began to pull ahead. Our lucky break came when bow of the Darwin boat caught a crab and failed to recover her blade. We seized this opportunity and pushed hard to overtake Darwin on the finish line and win the race! For most of us this was our first rowing victory so we were ecstatic. A special mention must go to our knight in shining armour for all his support.

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