Race Results

4.25 mile head race on the Tideway.

Women's 1st VIII

Women's 1st VIII

128th in a time of 21:26.52. 16th in the Senior 4 division.

Great work today, 128th is a really good result. Overall, we came 6/16 of the Cambridge college boats that entered. We did it in 21:26.52 and Downing, the fastest college, beat us by about 19 seconds. Given that in Fairbairns, which is 2.5km shorter, Downing beat us by 1 min 1 secs, this shows how massively we have improved this term relative to the other fast crews.

We settled into a good rhythm soon after the start, lengthening to 32, and then striding out to about 30. This was despite the crew behind us being highly distracting by commencing their rolling start about 10 strokes too early and being within a canvass of us by the time we began our start, but the Trinity Hall girls managed to keep their focus to build it up smoothly, pushing away from the cheeky University of Chester crew. Further distraction ensued when said boat then proceeded to crash into a buoy, bringing their whole boat to a standstill, causing everyone in our boat to start laughing.

Instead of treating this race as one long piece, we went into it with a bumps mentality, chasing down crews with lots of big pushes and a 'give em hell' attitude, although with a view to overtake, rather than hit! We overtook quite a few crews which gave a good boost to the crew and helped to break the race up into little exciting chunks.

There was a slight bit of drama under Hammersmith bridge where it was several boats abreast all fighting to row under the 2nd lamp post whilst overtaking/being overtaken which lead to Sarah's blade getting stuck under the bow of another boat for a few strokes, but bow 6 produced a valiant effort to push us away and Sarah made a good recovery.

As we approached the finish, we took the rate up 2 and 'got the hell out of there' as Martin would say, to finish the race off in style.

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