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The Lent Bumps are split into seven divisions (four for men, three for women) of 17 boats. The top boat of each division (apart from the top division) races at the bottom of the next division, and so a continuous chart can be drawn mapping the progress of all crews. Since the races are run during term time, the races are run over five days with each division taking one day off to allow all the races to run.

Men's 1st VIII

Men's 1st VIII

Day 1 - Bumped Fitzwilliam I

Today panned out exactly as planned and predicted. A good focussed and relaxed row down followed by a strong row and a bump. We got a good aggresive start and quickly made up ground on Fitz, as we strode out, we walked up further and stayed strong through the choppy water round first post corner to make the bump going into the gut. As expected, Fitz made some gains against King's ahead, and Christ's were nowhere to be seen behind us. A good solid start to the week, let's go out and do the same tomorrow.

Day 2 - Bumped Kings I

With first day nerves out of the way, we were able to produce an even stronger and more relaxed row today. A powerful and controlled start saw us move on King's early and although we allowed the whistles to disrupt our stride slightly, we eventually settled to a long and strong 37 and quickly ate up the remaining distance. A great line from Zoe and a big push into first post corner saw us make the bump and collect another set of greenery. Emma are now in our sights for tomorrow as we climb up the division.

Also, with W1 bumping up earlier, this was a 100% day for the THBC, Row Hall!

Men's 1st VIII

Day 3 - Bumped Emma I

After a couple of quick bumps, we knew today would be a tougher row. We approached the start with a good strong warm up, producing some of our longest rowing of term in our pre-race build to 36. We got another good aggressive start and a much more controlled stride than yesterday which allowed us to move up on Emma as we came round first post corner and through the gut. We got a bit distracted by the chop and crowd noise as we approached Grassy, but pulled it back together and a great line from Zoe allowed us to close right up. Emma pushed hard and made us work but ultimately conceded outside the plough.

Day 4 - Bumped Caius I for Blades

Although we were under strict instructions not to mention the fact that we were on for blades today, everyone was aware that this was going to be our biggest race of the week. A couple of good practice starts on the way down did a lot to settle the nerves and we produced another strong start when it mattered. Caius went off hard ahead of us, gaining on Jesus early and holding station with us until we got to the corners. Some more superb steering from Zoe allowed us to eat into the water behind them and come out of grassy a canvas behind and chasing hard. A big commitment 20 as we hit the wall of noise on Plough reach (it seemed like half of Cambridge was out there cheering for us, awesome!) made up the final distance and we made the bump on Ditton corner.
After bumping out, we realised that nobody had brought the flag down so we had to improvise with a huge radio aerial and the boathouse flag, which only just fitted under the railway bridge!
Back at the boathouse, much champagne was consumed and both Ian and Zoe went in the river to celebrate the first THBC M1 blades in over a decade!

Men's 2nd VIII

Men's 2nd VIII

Day 1 - Bumped by St. Edmund's I

We knew today's race was likely to be fairly short and close, but I don't think anyone anticipated it being this close! A good aggresive start saw Hall move up to within about a length of Girton II within 15 or so strokes and allowed us to initially hold the highly fancied Eddie's crew behind. One or two mistakes on first post reach allowed Eddie's to close up, but the Hall crew held their nerve and pushed up on Girton. The three crews went into first post corner with inches of water between them and within a few strokes, Hall were overlapped ahead and behind. A push saw our bowball past the Girton cox, but unfortunately the umpire ruled that Eddie's had made contact with our stern fractionally before.
Further down the course, Girton II were overbumped by Robinson II, which leaves them chasing us tomorrow.

Day 2 - Rowed Over

M2 came to today's race prepared for a long slog. It was another good call and after a poorer start than yesterday we gave an impressively solid row over the whole course. This was especially the case down past the Plough and down the windy Reach. Girton II were chasing us but were bumped before First Post Corner by LMBC III whilst Clare II made gains but never looked like troubling us. Friday should be another hard row but this time we need to go out much harder on First Post Reach to make significant gains on Robinson II and to pull away from LMBC III. ROW HALL

Men's 2nd VIII

Day 3 - Bumped by LMBC III

M2 have seen significant improvements in their rowing over this week where in the intense racing situation you simply have to concentrate and do everything right. This was reflected by a strong row up to our station and two excellent practice starts. As for the race itself, we felt frustrated by a start which wasn't quite perfect and saw LMBC III begin to catch on us immediately. We didn't manage to settle into a good rhythm quickly enough and the boat felt heavy, muscles felt tight and the rowing was hard work. By first post corner we were locked in battle with LMBC on our stern rather than having Robinson II on our bows. We managed to fend off the bump for longer than perhaps expected after seeing how quickly LMBC closed in on us and did bring Robinson within a length at one point. Today we were beaten by a better boat. Nothing to lose tomorrow.

Day 4 - Rowed Over

The final day of bumps saw M2 in a similar position to that which we found ourselves in on Wednesday. A slow Girton boat behind with a quicker boat (this time in the shape of an LMBC boat) in front. Girton were bumped by Magdalene on first-post corner and a fairly strong Clare boat was bumped at the top of the reach but were well down on their Wednesday position. This left us with a lonely row to the finish and we again found that we produced our best rowing when in clear water with no other boats nearby to get excited about. The support for the Hall from other crews was great and helped us to a strong finish in a bumps which has seen M2 do fairly well in comparison with recent years. We've had great fun and a good introduction to bumps rowing with a boat where only one person did not novice last term.

Women's 1st VIII

Women's 1st VIII

Day 1 - Rowed Over

After a great start, we settled into a good, strong rhythm. Going under the motorway bridge we had gained significantly on King's and were 3/4 of a length away from them, but unfortunately they bumped Girton soon after. We kept the pressure on all the way to the reach where we rowed over looking strong. Let's get some bumps tomorrow!

Women's 1st VIII

Day 2 - Bumped Girton I

Once again we had an excellent start. We settled into our strong race rhythm as we bumped Girton just after the motorway bridge. Nicely done, ladies.

Wahoo! A really great row today from W1. We all knew that as long as nothing silly happened, Girton were very bumpable having fallen to Kings yesterday. Despite a surprise start at "5 seconds" mid-tap from bow (well done Bronagh for not panicking!), the start was strong and confident and the girls were closing on Girton every stroke, while Selwyn behind were rapidly disappearing into the distance. From 3/4 length off Girton, the water in between got eaten up even faster and in seemingly no time at all there was overlap. The bump was awarded by bow ball passing cox just underneath the motorway bridge (though it took Lucy a few strokes longer to notice... :-) ) Yay, awesome row girls! A great day to be wearing black and white. Now go get Newnham. :-D

Women's 1st VIII

Day 3 - Bumped Newnham I

The girls produced another good start and rapidly closed in to a length off Newnham, another quick push brought the gap down to half a length. From this point the rowing began to get a little bit scrappier as the crew anticipated another bump as quick as yesterday's. Newnham however didn't give in without a bit of a fight and held on for a bit longer than expected, giving the girls rough water for rather longer than yesterday. The crews traded push for push down first post reach, but though Newnham occasionally took a couple of feet back they couldn't hold the bump off much longer and it duly occurred before first post corner. A slightly longer and less neat row than yesterday's, but that's hardly much to moan about after a second quick bump. :-) Behind Kings tomorrow, which should be another achievable bump for W1 (though expected to last a bit longer), having been denied that bump on the first day.

Day 4 - Rowed Over

Feeling very confident that we could get Kings, after having gained on them on the first day, and because Kings hadn't been able to catch Churchill on Friday, W1 were very excited about their last day of bumps. Our start saw us get to almost a length away from Kings and we settled into a nice controlled rhythm, a lot smoother than the day before. Unfortunately Churchill weren't able to live up to their epic row from the day before and Kings quickly began to reel them in. Once Kings had got to less than half a length from Churchill, they began to empty the tanks and managed to push away from us and further towards Churchill. By this point, Churchill seemed to have given up and Kings bumped them on First Post Corner, leaving us to row through. St. Catz ahead had appeared to have slacked off so we were hopefully that we might get the overbump, but once they saw us coming they picked up the pace and unfortunately we were never able to get close enough. However, it was a really great row and we crossed the finish line pleased with a fantastic weeks racing. This week we achieved the first bump for many of the rowers in the boat, and got the first bump for Trinity Hall 1st women since 2006. Bring on the Mays!

Women's 2nd VIII

Women's 2nd VIII

Day 1 - Bumped by Emmanuel III

Despite being a crew of complete Bumps novices, W2 got a smooth, controlled start, though Emma III unfortunately got a brilliant one and came up very quickly! The girls did a good job holding them off for a bit, but lost half a length due to some unfortunate steering towards the left bank and were bumped just past the motorway bridge. Now that everyone's seen what Bumps are like, we hope for some calm, strong rowing tomorrow as we attempt to chase back Emma III and fend off Downing II.

Day 2 - Bumped by Downing II

Having learnt on their first day of Bumps that a smooth and controlled start is just not good enough for Bumps, the Crew performed a brilliant start which brought them almost to within one boat length of Emma III who were scared so much by this sprint that they rowed for their lives and pushed away just before the black-and-white bank party could blow the whistle. Meanwhile, Downing II were steadily pushing closer to our 2nd ladies and finally bumped them some way behind the motorway bridge. Another start like today's and some more raw power during the race will
certainly result in a well-deserved bump on Friday.

Women's 2nd VIII

Day 3 - Bumped by Magdalene II

The third day of Lent Bumps saw a determined second ladies' crew who were keen to leave Magdalen II far behind and do some serious damage to Downing's II boat. After another brilliant start our 2nd ladies dashed towards Downing II and supported by some very clever coxing gained on them considerably. Alas, Magdalene II managed to close the gap between their and our 2nd ladies' boats and pushed their bowball past our cox some way behind the motorway bridge. Our ladies were so absorbed intheir race that it took our cox a while to convince them to wind down -keep that spirit up for tomorrow's race!

Day 4 - Bumped by Downing II

Due to a bizarre calamity that saw Downing II catch a massive crab, crash into Ditton corner and then get overbumped by St Catherine's II on Friday, our girls ended up in the unenviable position of being chased by Downing II, again, on Saturday. That said, W2 displayed their best rowing of the week, getting a smooth start and settling into a strong, steady rhythm (well done, Litty!) We seemed to be holding station with Magdalene II and holding off Downing going into the motorway bridge, but when Downing were about a length off they made a big push that saw our girls get bumped on their way into first post corner. Spoons, it is, but a lot of improvement in the crew this week and good bumps experience to begin building towards May with.

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