Race Results

A regatta over 1100m from the stump at the bottom of the Long Reach to Peter's Posts.

Men's 1st VIII

Lost to Christs M1

Men's 2nd VIII

Lost to Pembroke M2

Our M2 went into this race after two frustrating weeks of heavy snow and flooding, during which we only managed to have one outing. We rowed for the first time in Sir John, our bumps racing boat (and the first plastic boat most of us had been in). We waded into the freezing cold Cam water, still flooded above its banks, and adjusted to our new boat in the rough currents. We practiced our start for the first time and marshalled to race Pembroke's M2. We expected a tough race, since Pembroke M2 is seated twelve spots ahead of us in Lent Bumps, and we were out of practice and in a new boat with a new start. As expected, Pembroke M2 pulled ahead of us by a length right on the start. However, we rowed well and got into a strong rhythm, finishing only a length and a half behind. It was a good row and an excellent start for Bumps training week, where we will be developing our start and practicing high ratings. Bring on the bumps!

Women's 1st VIII

Lost to Caius W1

The girls had a solid row down with two very nice practice starts (and certainly won the competition for best parking!), and were feeling confident of a good race against Caius, whose practise start had not been great. The race start also went well, initially staying level with Caius, but it seemed that Caius hadn't been showing us their best rowing on the way to the start, and were faster than predicted. The girls held on well for the first 500m, but as Caius gradually moved further ahead some of the speed of the Hall boat dropped and Caius pulled to clear water, allowing them the shorter line around the railway bridge corner. The Hall boat kept together and technical for a nice and gutsy row but towards the end a bit of slide rushing crept in taking the edge off their speed. Despite the disappointment of losing it was a good row with not a huge speed difference between Hall and Caius (12 places higher in bumps) who went on to reach the final, so the loss was at least to a worthy opponent!

Women's 2nd VIII

Lost to Pembroke W2

After crew changes, a river-condition-induced interrupted week of training, and me as a sub in the boat it would be fair to say that W2 were feeling a little bit underprepared for their race! Nevertheless, we had a nice row down and a good practice start, giving a little bit of confidence. When the opposition failed to show at the start the we instead raced Pembroke W2, a tough draw as the 3rd highest 2nd boat in Lents. The nice start of the row down failed to materialise in the race, but we got it back together for a spirited but technical row, with full effort from everyone against the strong stream. Some good encouragement from Rosie kept us all pushing despite our opposition leaving us off the start, and though we lost it was a good row which should set the crew up nicely for next week's Getting On race.

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