Race Results

The course runs approximately 800m upstream from the post furthest downstream on the Reach (near Ditton corner) to Morley's Holt, just downstream of the Pike and Eel. A map is available here. In each race two crews row side-by-side and racing continues in a knockout format.
There are two events for both men and women: the Cup events are for college A crews and the Plate events are for all other crews. All events are for novice eights only.

Novice Men's 1st VIII

NM1 defeated by Hughes Hall A by 1 and ½ lengths.

Novice Men's 2nd VIII

NM2 unfortunately had to scratch their race against Wolfson NM2.

Novice Mixed VIII

NM3 (mixed VIII) beaten by Jesus NM3 easily.

Novice Women's 1st VIII

NW1 beaten by Caius by ½ length, but then Caius is disqualified for clashing and THBC are awarded the victory. In the second the round, they are beaten by Clare NM1 after a good row.

Novice Women's 2nd VIII

NW2 had a very dramatic race. They were down 1 ½ lengths as they came down the reach where it was very windy. Once they came under the railway bridge, where it was more sheltered from the wind, they caught up with Clare and overtook them! With 100m to go, TH were leading, when a bad blade clash causing a boat-stopping crab in the TH boat and Clare to take the opportunity to pull ahead.

Archived Results