Race Results

Men's IV - Dreadnought

Race 1

Drawn against Kings in the first round, Dreadnought had a bit of a nervous row down to marshalling, however, weather conditions were good and we got off to a rapid start, quickly closing down on the crew in front. Through first post corner, grassy and on to Ditton corner Trinity Hall were up on the Kings crew, thanks to some superb coxing from Lizzie and a strong shove from the crew. Sadly, as we rounded Ditton the crew that we were sure we had broken dug deep for their final sprint, opening up the distance. Trinity Hall tried to respond, and held their ground after the initial shock - however the damage was done, and at the finish it was too close to call (thanks in part to some dubious timing), resulting in a dead heat and the call for a re row.

Race 2

Having arranged a three way quarter final against Kings and Emmanuel, and switching to the Carbon Filippi in the hope of gaining a tiny margin against our closely matched opponent (said boat provoking a seriously worried reaction from the Kings crew) , Dreadnought rowed down strongly in some seriously windy conditions, marshalling just above the motorway bridge (sadly chasing Kings again). Some slow manoeuvring from Emma lead to a long wait on the start line, shaking our already unsteady nerves. Sadly, a fluffed start meant that we started the race on the back foot, however, we pushed hard and regained some of the ground we lost. Up to Ditton our performance wasn't as strong as it had previously been, but a strong sprint along the Reach meant that we held our heads high - and once again the result was so close that neither crew knew who had won at the finish line, with the stopwatch declaring Kings the victor. Emmanuel were beaten easily. Kings went on to be beaten in the semifinal. A respectable result for the crew, although unfortunate to have lost by so small a margin.

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