Race Results

Sprints races along the reach held by Emmanuel Boat Club. The first chance for novice crews to experience racing on the cam!

Well done to everyone for getting through their first races as part of the Black and White Army – on to Clare Novices!

Novice Men's 1st VIII

NM1 beats Churchill easily but unfortunately loses to Selwyn by ½ length in their second race.

Novice Men's 2nd VIII

NM2 (aka NMA) competed admirably, especially considering their first rowing as all 8 was the outing before. The start was understandably wobbly but the crew fought on and went on to perform well in the first race. Unfortunately, the strong FaT NM2 crew pulled away to win that round and later went on to win the whole second division. The crew’s spirits however could not be beaten. Dressed as Dalmatians, they queued up to the start for the second race and got clear water from Girton (the draw says Christs NM2, it lies) halfway through the race. Good job!

Novice Women's 1st VIII

NW1 beaten easily by Magdalene and then Murray Edwards by ¾ length.

Novice Women's 2nd VIII

NW2 beats Girton NW1 by 2 lengths and Sidney by 2 lengths getting them through to the Semi-Final. Here they were beaten by Jesus NW2 and then Darwin NW1 to finish 4th out of 16 – a very impressive result!

Archived Results