Race Results

A 2x2km head race on the cam run by City of Cambridge RC. Crews race 2000m downstream before spinning and racing 2000m back upstream, the times for the two legs are then added together.

Men's 1st VIII

9th O/A, 7th College 1st VIII in 13:55

Not a bad result, despite a string of equipment issues! We took a while to settle into a rythym on the first leg, but pushed well through the second half of the course. While waiting to race back, we noticed that a screw had come loose on Phil(stroke)'s blade and it had shortened by a few inches. Despite this, the second leg started well and we moved away from Bedford School behind us, but one of Dave(6)'s shoes parted company with it's footplate as we came out of Ditton corner and he was forced to row the reach one legged. This allowed the crews around us to gain a little, but we kept it together and held on for a pretty good time.

Men's 2nd VIII

95th O/A, 12th College 2nd VIII in 17:54

We had a very unfortunate row downstream. The first quarter of the course we were unable to sit the boat well enough for bow side to fully square their blades. When our opponent attempted to overtake us, they began screaming at us to move over. Although they really had enough room to come by, we graciously moved aside and ran into the bank. After we pushed off and began rowing again, Dave(5)'s seat broke off and we were forced to row as six while he fixed it. We finished in 8:13. The row back upstream was more smooth and solid, although we had some further seat issues. We finished in 9:41, losing again. Though some might despair, we look forward to the necessary training ahead. And one thing is certain: we will do better.

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