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Men's 1st VIII

Men's 1st VIII

Day 1 - Bumped by Robinson

Going into the race, the crew were feeling set following a good term of training, especially with some good work done with Walter in the week leading up to Bumps. However, while the start was strong and we pushed onto Selwyn going into the first corner, we were unable to press our advantage and the technique started to falter through Grassy allowing Robinson to close. The Robinson crew were certainly good (one of the fastest crews from Lents) but everyone felt disappointed to have not put up a better fight when we got bumped coming around Ditton.

Men's 1st VIII

Day 2 - Rowed Over

Knowing that Robinson were a fast crew, and that Caius behind us were going to be caught rapidly by the Blue Boat masquerading as Eddies', we knew that our job for the day was to row over hard, and be prepared to jump on any opportunities that may present themselves ahead of us on the river. While we did row over, it was certainly not the most comfortable and again most of us ended the day feeling like we had to work harder than was required.

Men's 1st VIII

Day 3 - Bumped by St. Edmund's

Well, we all knew this day was not going to be easy, with Eddies' having 6 returners in the boat chasing us. However, the whole crew were prepared to give it a fight, and a fight we certainly gave. With the master plan to just not stride, we were prepared to push ourselves and the crews around us to the absolute limits. Pulling away from Eddies' off the start, we quickly closed to within a length of Robinson coming around into the Gut, but following a slightly wayward Grassy, the experience of the Eddies' crew proved too much as we were eventually bumped just before Ditton. Nonetheless, it was the unanimous opinion that it was by far our strongest row of the week, and we will look forward to rowing the same tomorrow as we look to seal our week with a solid row over.

Men's 2nd VIII

Men's 2nd VIII

Day 1 - Bumped Girton II

Day 2 - Rowed Over

Day 3 - Bumped by Lady Margaret II

Women's 1st VIII

Day 1 - Bumped by Girton

A Girton crew of Amazons with some serious ringers made quick work of eating up the distance off the start, bumping under the motorway bridge.

Day 2 - Bumped by Churchill

Having faced Churchill at the 99s spring regatta a few weeks before, we knew we had to lock in to our best, most solid start to have a chance of staying ahead. Unfortunately, nerves got the better of us and the predicted bump happened far too early.

Day 3 - Bumped by Selwin

Finally executing our start well, the race was still disappointingly short.

Women's 2nd VIII

Day 1 - Bumped St. Catherine's II

For a crew mostly comprising bumps novices, starting your first race is scary enough. But doing so less than 10 metres away from a deafening cannon is even more daunting. Despite this, W2 kept their composure and once they were up to speed they were soon bearing down on Catz, getting to within half a length before the first corner. A strong rally from Catz stretched the gap back out, but Trinity Hall kept them at three quarters of a length thanks to an excellent race rhythm set by Fee Doherty at stroke. On Plough reach they gradually pegged the gap back to a third of a length. Around Ditton corner the call came from Shreya in the cox's seat to empty the tank: her crew duly obliged, catching Catz a few strokes later. For everyone in the boat it was their first taste of bumping up, and judging by their delighted celebrations it is one they could easily get used to.

Day 2 - Bumped Magdalene II

Day 3 - Rowed Over

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