Race Results

Lent W1

Day 1 - Bumped by Peterhouse

With many recent novices in the crew, the boat had spent the week leading up to bumps concentrating on calm, controlled starts. This effort paid off when the cannon fired as we executed the start just as practiced, giving ourselves a comfortable distance ahead of Peterhouse though not gaining much on Murray Edwards in front. After a strong first minute, the crew seemed to lose focus and flagged, allowing Peterhouse to close the distance. Despite a heroic power 10, the bump was called just short of making our escape into First Post Corner.

Day 2 - Bumped by Churchill

We entered this race determined to push through the one-minute pain barrier. An excellent start led to early whistling indicating that we had gained on Peterhouse. While the effort was better sustained than on Day 1, the steam ran out before the first corner, leading to some scrappy rowing that allowed Churchill to catch up.

Day 3 - Rowed over

The strategy for this day was to think of the race as a 4-minute piece, with cox Izzy calling power tens at each minute mark. The first one proved somewhat ragged, but the second-minute marker instilled confidence that we had pushed past the initial dip. Girton, tired from its previous-division row-over, maintained pressure by occasionally shortening the distance, but once we'd tasted the liberty of corners and came onto the reach, we weren't letting anything stop us. As Izzy reminded us, we were RELENTLESS. With Churchill still in view ahead, Girton faded behind as we progressed down the reach. We extended our clear water to three lengths, though it didn't look it from inside our boat, hence a strong push all the way through the finish.

Day 4 - Bumped by Girton just before the finish

An energized crew assembled, determined to at least repeat the previous day's row-over or even make a move on Churchill. With that excitement flowing in our veins, we wound to rate 43 and 'strode' to 38. As our apparent row-over proceeded, this dropped to 34. After maintaining a consistent distance ahead of Girton, our journey down the reach took on new urgency as they called power ten after power ten. Despite Trinity Hall winding to 37 and taking a somewhat diagonal path to avoid contact, Girton clawed their way out of sandwich boat position an agonising 20 strokes from the railway bridge.

Mens 1st VIII

Bumped by St. Cats

A new term and a new crew. This was the first race outing for this terms M1 after the previous races we entered were cancelled due to bad weather. With a lot of inexperience in the boat (3 novices graduated into M1 from last term) but also huge amounts of potential, excitement was high as we rowed down the course to line up near the lock. Our practice start was good, strong, but not our cleanest as people let there nerves get the better of them.

After the usual anxious wait for the cannons we were off we a strong start, winding the rate up to 36. The chain had snagged on the edge of the bank leaving us closer to Cats than we would have liked but after a good stride down to 34 setting up a strong rhythm we pushed away from them and started to gain on Claire. Coming round First Post conner we were had moved up half a length to sit a length off Claire while holding station with Cats. Our Cox called for a big push into Grassy to gain us some ground and we pushed to within one whistle of Claire.

But then disaster struck! A broken seat in the middle of the boat and panic ensued. Cats quickly made back the group we had gained on them to bump us coming out of Grassy.

All together it was a fantastic row from a young crew still growing, making good ground on the surrounding crews up until our seat broke. Well done to everyone involved and we can get them back tomorrow!

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