Race Results

1k side-by-side racing from the end of the Reach to the P&E

Men's Third VIII

Beat First & Third M4, lost to Magdalene M3 – First Blood

The Nines’ Regatta was the first racing experience for the crew as a whole and for a considerable part of the individual rowers as well.

Having loaded the boat with provisions (to the annoyance of the M3 Captain), we marshalled in the shades near the P&E (apart from bow pair who were so lucky to enjoy the sun), practiced our start down the Reach and watched another boat nearly getting halved by some tourist small boat (not so small, indeed). Then we paddled to the start, feeling the adrenalin rise.
The first race of the day was against First & Third M4, who will be chasing us on the first day of Bumps, and M3 was eager to show them the power of Trinity Hall. And we did! We were keeping up with them at the start and once the boat was moving pulled quickly ahead after the wind. With a strong rhythm and loud shouts of encouragement by our cox Emily, we had clear water sometime before the Railway Bridge. After the Power 10 they were basically finished. We dropped the pressure a little afterwards when we saw them far behind us, but when the dot on the horizon grew a bit, we brought it back up for the last couple of strokes, crossing the finish line 3 ½ lengths ahead of them.

In the second race against Magdalene M3, we were a little disturbed by them pulling ahead at the start, which resulted in some rushing, admittedly at least one bad stroke from the guy, who should set the rhythm, and the finishes being a little off. Consequently, Magdalene pulled away. We pulled ourselves together, were catching up, but when we were told, we could get them, there was some over-eagerness resulting again in rushing, aided by some sluggish postures, which made us lose our timing a bit. When we got our rhythm back, they were too far ahead. We were keeping the same distance and threatened them until the finish line, but could not catch them in the end.

The races were a good test for the Bumps and we now know what we can do, if we keep focused and strong. Row Hall!

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