Race Results

The final event of Michaelmas term, the Fairbairn cup is a head race on the cam over 4.3km for senior VIIIs and 3.4km for senior IVs. It was first held in 1929 and is named after it's founder, the influential oarsman & coach Steve Fairbairn.

Men's Senior VIII

13th in 15:04.14

A strong row saw us overtake Magdalene II on the reach and push away from the chasing Kings crew all the way to the finish. We finished 13th, 9th of the Cambridge college crews and have given ourselves a solid platform to build on for the lents.

Women's Senior IV

15th in 14:15.25

A very good row from W2 for their only race of the term. They went off
possibly a bit fast off the start so speed dropped a little quite early,
but to a good solid pace they maintained for the rest of the course, with
Jayne setting a nice rhythm and the whole crew working hard to back her up.
Downing W2 were gaining on them around Chesterton, but they pushed away
again down the reach. Technically the best I've seen the crew row, they
really kept concentrating the whole way. Some good coxing from Min, with
lots of encouragement and a nice line despite getting confused as to the
location of the finish line... Everyone agreed it was a good race, and even
that Fairbairns is fun after all! Finished in a time of 14 minutes 15.25
seconds in a very respectable 15th place against some strong 1st IVs. A
great end to the term and I hope the whole crew continues for Lent bumps!

Women's Senior VIII

14th in 17:40.00

Awesome row!

We came 14th overall, but discounting time only/invitational crews we came 9th, which is a great result. We had a good solid start, with a seemingly effortless wind to 33, settling at 32. The pressure stayed on throughout the race, keeping a quick rate but without rushing the slide. Even Martin was pleased.

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