Race Results

A 6.8K head race on the Tideway from Chiswick Bridge to Putney Bridge.

Women's First VIII

A good showing

This W1's first excursion off the Cam was highly enjoyable for all. A long row up the course and some cold marshaling were capped by a tussle with an impressively incompetent Twickenham boat who spun before their turn whilst sitting in the wrong part of the queue, thereby knocking the number 181 off our bow. This fired up cox Laura and the rest of the crew to show them how real rowing looks.

A rolling start wound the rate to around 34, which calmed to 32 for most of the race. Twickenham managed to overtake early but faded somewhat thereafter, and Laura was out for their blood. While we never quite achieved that revenge, we did overtake crew 179 and enjoyed a successful battle to stay ahead of 183 for the entire course. Pushes under the bridges and past landmarks kept things focused, and we enjoyed a steady rhythm. Final time was 21:23.03, placing us 180th out of 303 competing crews and a significant improvement over last year's time.

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