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1.1k side-by-side boat racing, from the bottom of the reach to the P & E.

Men's Second VIII

Men's Second VIII

Beat Clare M2, Lost to Caius M2 - A statement made.

M2 were supremely confident, and there was gossip of beating Clare (the crew they were chasing in bumps) with VII men as they marshalled. Little did the magnificent M2 know, stroke Peter Conn hadn't eaten his porridge that morning and, in his befuddled state, missed the sarcasm.

The race did not start well. Attention… GO, the marshall called. Clare went. Trinity Hall decided to wait and admire the weather. Birds sang. A butterfly ambled past. A second later, Hazel reminded the crew that we were meant to be racing, and we packed away our picnics, de-kitted and, finally, set off after Clare. A strong start saw the monstrous M2 put half a length on their opponents, who rudely decided the best course of action was a physical assault. Blades clashed, and Stroke man Conn decided he fancied a swim (although fortunately was caught before jumping), crabbing to boat stopping effect. Words were exchanged, and the majestic M2 eventually convinced him to at least try. Unfortunately, the mighty M2 were now 1.75 lengths away from Clare.

Tom, Humza and Robb, focused from the off, were having absolutely none of that and a quick power 10 saw the boat pick up speed. Spectators were heard wondering whether Caius M1 had dressed up in Trinity Hall clothing, how many CUBC rowers we had, and what the take off speed was for an VIII. Drawing level around the railway bridge, we took the inside line with the tiny Hazel screaming herself hoarse. Clare were history, every stroke taking us up a seat.

A final power 10 was called (Hazel's favourite shout), and we flew clear, finishing with clear water. Not an ideal race, but certainly one to be proud of.


We found ourselves, unfortunately, drawn against Caius M2, a full 20 places above us in Bumps. Spotting a (rather fetching) fake ginger beard in their boat, we decided to let them off lightly. That said, we weren't going to make it obvious - clairvoyant coach Stef advised (in his infinite wisdom) that it might be worth starting at the same time as the other crew, so we had a go at that. Said start was excellent, and both crews were neck and neck, with the muscular (yes, I'm running out of superlatives which begin with M) M2 perhaps having the edge. Cowardly Caius quickly found their pace however, and neither crew had taken a decisive advantage by the end of the reach.

The motorway bridge proved the tremendous Trinity Hall men's undoing. The crew, tired of looking at the disgusting yellow of Caius' boat, allowed the power to came off slightly as the manly (yes, definitely out of good adjectives now) M2 let Caius take a length's lead. Happy, now that the river's main eyesore had been removed from sight, the mellifluous M2 held Caius there. Conniving Caius cut across the M2, leaving us in their dirty water yet, in their zen-like state, no one seemed bothered. M2 rowed serenely over the finish, leaving the (actually pretty good) Caius boat to go on to win the day (well done to them!).

10 minutes later, 6-man actually-reasonably-big-Dan was overheard whispering "I could've rowed harder, you know". We believe you Dan, don't worry.

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