Race Results

The Fairbairn cup is the culmination of the Novice rowing term for all the Cambridge colleges. Held the day before the senior races, the novice course runs from the Jesus college boathouse (next door to ours) downstream for 2.7km. In 2008 around 130 novice crews took part.

Men's Novice A VIII

52nd in 11:52.02

Men's Novice B VIII

35th in 11:11.52

After a small amount of concern caused by only 7 oarsmen turning up to race, the THBC novice B crew were eventually allowed to row at the back of the men's division (many thanks to the event secretary for accomodating us). Despite the disruption, the crew quickly settled into a strong rythym, which they maintained for the whole race, gaining ground on the crew ahead. A solid row and a good platform to build on for the lents.

Women's Novice A VIII

34th in 13:04.43

Despite having a long wait in the cold for the race to begin, crew A got of
to a great start, powering past the Jesus boathouse. With some great
steering from our cox, we wound our way through town. Once we got onto the
reach, we knew we were on the home straight and pushed for the finish line. It
was great to have so many enthusiastic people shouting from the bank. We
rowed past the finish line in a very respectable 13:04.43. Altogether, a
really good end to the term's rowing.

Women's Novice B VIII

48th in 14:10.27

Crew B got a strong start and rowed a steady, controlled rate the full
length of the course. Heidi did a great job coxing (with no dangerous
steering or crashing!) and the crew kept their focus when Clare 1 needed to
come past on the reach. Overall, it was a very competent, strong row, and
the boat was the most balanced it's been -- a solid finish to a great novice

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